How to insure your life?

How to insure your life?
You will need:
  • Care
  • Ability to analyze information
# 1

To properly insure life, when choosing a company pay attention to its image, the experience in this market, published her study reporting information, to communicate with people who have dealt with this company, in a word, gather as much information as possible.Prefer large, well-known companies - so you will minimize the risk and avoid unpleasant situations.

# 2

Life insurance can be divided into individual (insured the life of one person) and collective (insured lives of several persons).Collective commonly used by enterprises and organizations insure the lives of their workers.Life insurance can also be divided into: insurance in case of death, survival to age specified in the contract, survival to the end of the contract period, insurance for the wedding and endowment insurance.Mixed is a comprehensive insurance, for example, in case of death, accidents and so on. N.

# 3

The sum insured is determined by agreement betwe

en the insurer (insurance company) and the insured (the person who has concluded with the company insurance contract) of the parties.Insurer minimum sum insured may be provided, which is necessary for the conclusion of the contract.In mixed insurance can be equipped with a separate amount for each insured event, or is the same for all cases.

# 4

Duration of the life insurance contract shall be determined by agreement between the insurer and the insured, but can not be less than one year.long term insurance are applied in international practice - up to twenty years.

# 5

Insurers can be capable and adult individuals under the age of 70, sometimes 75 years or legal entities.The role of the insured can usually serve individuals aged 1 - 70 years.Some companies set other age limits and restrictions on health of these individuals.We do not accept persons with psychiatric disorders, severe cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

# 6

Conclusion of the insurance contract on the basis of a written application of the insured prescribed form and must include basic information about the insured person.The insurer is responsible for life insurance contract in case of death from any cause than those who do not belong to the insurance events.

# 7

When the insured person dies during the contract period, the insurer shall pay the sum insured to the destination specified in the contract.If the recipient of the sum insured is not assigned, then it is paid to the heirs of the insured person in the presentation of appropriate documents (declaration of the insurance policy, certificate of death of the insured, the medical report on the cause of death or the act of the accident, certificate of inheritance).

# 8

If the insured person has lived up to the end of the term of the contract, the insurance amount is not paid.

# 9

Whatever type of life insurance you would not have chosen, carefully read the insurance terms and conditions of the contract to avoid any possible "pitfalls" that allow inaccuracies in the wording of the company to pay benefits.Only then you can have a more or less clear confidence in getting the money in case the insured event occurs.