How to get on the waiting list for an apartment : legal advice

How to get on the waiting list for an apartment : legal advice
You will need:
  • application for queuing for an apartment
  • documents, confirming the identity of
  • INN
  • documents granting the right to receive
  • benefits other documents necessary to queue for an apartment
# 1

One of the problems Russian citizens is now a lack of square meters for a living.To solve this problem manages not all.The ability to purchase for themselves and their family members of the missing space in the form of a normal well-maintained apartments for many remains just a dream.The financial crisis has forced banks to change the terms of the issuance of mortgage loans.Thus, the majority of Russian citizens remained almost completely disarmed in this regard.Of course, the state is not completely forgotten about its citizens and allowed to stand in line for an apartment for the poor.This process is moving, but so slowly that a person has to wait more than a dozen years.

# 2

wishes to answer the question of how to get on the waiting list for an apartment, you should be aware

that it may make only some categories of citizens.Until January 2005 to become the queue to get an apartment was a lot easier.Owners close square meters could count on a positive solution to his address.However, the brought amendments to the Housing Code of the item have added another condition.Wishing to be in line for an apartment was to be poor.The law clearly provides a list of persons falling within the definition of "poor."To learn more detailed information on this matter should contact the local authorities or the management of social security.

# 3

to be aware of how to get on the waiting list for housing, a person needs to know the following: apart from having a close space for living with family members, we still have the presence of the aggregate income of the family members below the average.At the same time in their property should still be a property acquired at an inexpensive price.However, for the full possibilities of queuing for an apartment, and it is not enough.To meet this need still need to live in one place for at least ten years.Besides, who wants to get free accommodation, for five years, going before applying, should not worsen the conditions of their residence.

# 4

applicants who want to become in line for obtaining housing, can also think about how to put the child on the waiting list.However, this is a topic for another conversation.Now it is another challenge.In addition to those citizens who are candidates for a free apartment in the common queue, there is a list of beneficiaries, subject to the allocation of part of the state apartments out of turn.These include orphans or children left without parental care, people who live in the houses, in poor condition or unfit for habitation, families with a seriously ill person, WWII veterans.Often, these categories of state worries fully.

# 5

All who wish to be aware of how to get on the waiting list for an apartment must be aware of what is required for this document.The main document is a statement of registration of which has been signed by each member of the family.In addition it requires more passport, birth certificate of the same family.Still need to provide proof of custody or a divorce.Next, we need to submit documents that confirm the presence or absence of the person submitting the application and the members of his family of any other real estate.One must not forget to give INN, documents confirming the right to receive all sorts of benefits.The above documents is not the maximum.It should still be to provide a lot of different references.