How to get a ticket to the mother-child : free tickets

You will need:
  • package of documents necessary for the mother and child
  • results of tests and examinations or spa cards
  • direction pediatrician
  • Indications for rehabilitation
# 1

Healthchild - the most important thing in the life of the parents.It is important not only in time and properly treat children, but do not forget about the restoration and strengthening of immunity.The Russian Federation has created a program that supports the rehabilitation of children and provides free vouchers for a joint holiday of mother and child.However, not all parents can benefit from this program.Free to relax in the sanatorium are children under the age of three years, who suffer from diseases of the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system, the musculoskeletal system and the endocrine system.At the same time this holiday not only provides constant presence with her mother, but also communicate with their peers and, of course, during the stay included special rehabilitation pr

ograms.Vouchers "Mother and Child" available free of charge to everyone on the testimony.To do this, refer to the social support.

# 2

The permit is issued free of charge, but to receive it in the bodies of social support and protection necessary to provide a package of documents.First, you need to come to the appointment with the primary care pediatrician, so he provided a certificate stating that the child is in need of sanitary-resort treatment.Then make a copy of a birth certificate, MLA, SNILS child and a statement from the parent, which confirms the authorization to the processing of data presented in the documents.All documents shall be in support of authorities at the place of residence, as well as the need to support the presence of an employee to write a statement of an approved pattern.Voucher "Mother and Child", despite the lack of material limitations, given primarily to poor families, and then the others in the common queue.To do this, you need to provide information on income or documents that confirm the status.No queue has the right to permit a child who is having major complications or required postoperative rehabilitation period.

# 3

Once all documents are gathered, the family is placed on all the bodies of social support, which are obliged to promptly inform the granting of the permit.However, if there is no time or desire to wait in line for social protection, it is possible to get a ticket fee.This does not necessarily apply to the protection of bodies, and it is possible to agree with the sanatorium and resort center.Get a free ticket in this case does not work, but at the same time will be saved.Despite the toll or state basis, for the "Mother and Child" in the sanatorium admission under the program are kindly requested to hand over analyzes and prepare documents.For the mother or another adult accompanying need a passport and a medical card with marks of the passage of a dermatologist and gynecologist (for women).For a child need to prepare a birth certificate (upon reaching the age of 14 - the passport), health-spa or medical card, as well as the inquiry about absence of infectious or contagious diseases of contacts, which can be taken in the clinic or pediatrician in kindergarten.It is mandatory to provide a certificate or proof of immunization.

# 4

addition to the package of documents, the mother and the child have to pass the necessary tests and undergo medical, or health resort refuses to accept them.Spa treatment will be possible if there are no infectious diseases.The child needs to be done sanatorium card, in which all of the data and the survey results will be recorded.This will help doctors to assign procedures and draw up a plan of rehabilitation measures.To do this in the clinic local pediatrician should give direction to the common blood tests, urine and stool, chest X-rays, ECG.Also have to go all the specialists: a neurologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, surgeon and cardiologist if needed.After it is important not to forget the results refer to the pediatrician, who will recommend a period of rehabilitation.The "Mother and Child" will help your child not only to strengthen the immune system, but also to be constantly close to the closest person - my mother.The emotional bond with someone will quickly recover and restore health.