How to allocate a share in a private house ?

How to allocate a share in a private house ?
You will need:
  • project
  • Certificate right
  • property Datasheet
  • Cadastral passports
# 1

It should be noted that the produce was isolated shares in a private home is possible only iftechnically possible.First draft of a private house in this section is prepared.It consists of special architectural and design organizations that have a license for this activity.

# 2

Ready project is considered in the Department of Architecture of the municipality.If the observed urban, sanitary and fire regulations, the permit is issued on the allocation of shares.You can start the construction work and, for example, to make a separate entrance, an extra wall, etc.

# 3

Simultaneously the division of land for the selected share.To do this, the owner must apply to the inventory service with the appropriate application.Formed new cadastral passport to the ground, and the site is placed on the cadastral registration under the new number.

# 4

After completion of construction and land-work should c

ontact the BTI and order challenge machinery for processing cadastral and technical passports for the newly created object.Documents: cadastral passport for land and premises, product data on the building, the statement, the former certificate of ownership, is fed to the registration service.The law provides for the right to 14 days of registration.

# 5

In practice often raises the question of how to allocate a share in kind in a private home, if the owners can not reach a consensus.The answer is simple: only by court order.The court appoints a judicial construction and technical expertise.It will determine whether it is possible actually to allocate a share and offer relevant options.

# 6

Any practicing lawyer says that sometimes does not match the allocated share of the ownership documents.In such cases, the law provides for financial compensation.For example, an isolated area of ​​20 sqm to be selected, but it is technically possible to allocate only 17 sq.m.For missing 3 sq.m.the owner will receive the money.

# 7

was recovered share in kind - troublesome and requires legal literacy, time and patience.If something does not work or do not have confidence in the correctness of the action, it is better to go for a consultation with a lawyer or hire it for paperwork.