How to attract a doctor to the liability for medical error ?

How to attract a doctor to the liability for medical error ?
You will need:
  • test results
  • mkditsinskoe conclusion on the health status
# 1

Today the problem that doctors and then make mistakes, is very relevant.Patients are very difficult to prove that the error occurred, as well as to solve the problem, how to attract a doctor to justice.In most cases, doctors for his offense go unpunished.Therefore, it is important to know that it is necessary to the doctor held responsible for committing medical errors Before solving the question about how to attract a doctor who made a mistake, to justice, it is necessary to establish that a medical error had indeed the place to be.And it must be said, the most difficult thing in this procedure.The patient will need to collect all the information and facts, as well as other evidence that will confirm what the doctor really made a mistake.

# 2

After you have collected the evidence, it will be possible to solve the question of how to attract disciplinary action or criminal, culprit.If the wrong actions that

made the doctor, did not result in serious bodily injury or death, the criminal responsibility of the perpetrator escape, but the disciplinary - it is unlikely.Involve doctor to disciplinary action, can be exactly the same as to prosecute the director or any other employee.To do this, write a complaint to the chief physician of the name, in which all the details of the error described in detail.Also applied and evidence.Chief physician, to accept the complaint, it should be checked and punish the guilty.May seek such a statement in court.

# 3

Often the doctor who makes the mistake of trying to do everything to solve the problem, how to avoid the administrative responsibility, but also criminal.Therefore, every word should be supported by evidence.As evidence serve the test results, examination records that have been made in medical card.To solve the question about how to attract the debtor's responsibility, in this case, a doctor who could not cope with its responsibilities, should be timely.The sooner it will go into play, the more chances to prove the guilt of doctors.

# 4

criminal sentencing can only be in court, which should be sued and all the evidence available.Despite the fact that prove the guilt sometimes impossible physician, still trying to make it worthwhile.Cases where a physician is responsible for his act, there are, so you need to hope for justice.