How can I sell beer

How can I sell beer
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# 1

beer taste has become known since antiquity.People drinking beer on the specially designated days, when defeated in wars, on holidays or just for fun.Who beer is on special plants.And then the beer manufacturer engaged only specially trained people for the most classic recipes.Of course, today the beer production process has changed, but the taste of the old masters are trying to maintain today.How can you sell beer in shops in the city?It can be sold from 9 am to 23 pm.Beer - alcoholic beverage, although it does not contain a lot of alcohol, but there are restrictions on its sale.Persons who have not reached 18 years of age are not allowed to purchase beer.Compliance with this rule is necessary to follow as closely as possible.For violation of the rules of the sale of beer followed by fines, but for some reason they do not stop the vendors.

# 2

How to make beer in Russia?Usually, it is produced at the factory.It has, in its own well, wh

ich is made of a special water extraction.She was prepared, and then added malt, hops give the brew.The process of preparation of one liter of beer can take several weeks.There are special varieties that simply must be maintained for a long time.Beer lovers willing to pay a round sum for favorite foamy drink.During the summer, a popular question is how to open the point of draft beer in town.During the heat of summer soft drinks are one of the most popular products among the population.They help to cope with the heat.To open the draft beer points necessary to conclude a contract with the brewery for the supply of beer.

# 3

How to make beer - a question to which we have answered in part.Companies gradually learn more and more new areas and wells, which may be suitable for preparing beer and many favorite drink.But do not abuse: alcohol dependence from beer to be treated much more difficult than other types of beverages.Man believes that the beer is not a drink, and therefore abused its consumption volumes.There is a way - as do non-alcoholic beer.For its production uses special ingredients (malt and hops), which do not allow alcohol or give it a little.After that, the beer is treated repeatedly decanted and to reduce to a minimum the level of alcohol.