How to change the log on the car ?

How to change the log on the car ?
You will need:
  • Documents on car
  • Guide
# 1

Reasons for replacement registration certificate variety.The passport could be lost or stolen, along with a purse and other documents.Another case of the replacement passport can be change on the host machine or information.In general, the procedure for how to change the data sheet on the car and the process of renewal of the machine, are similar.The only difference is in the list of required information and statements.Depending on what the cause of the passport replacement, and change documents.

# 2

example, when switching from petrol to gas, in MREO are available: the act of installing gas equipment and permission to carry out these works of the installer.In a situation where the car went from a deceased relative, require a certificate of ownership of heritage and an extract from the notarial register.Knowing how to check the log of the car, we can avoid unpleasant situations with other heirs, sometimes, unfortunately, happen.

# 3

In that case, if the car was taken on credit, after payment of the entire amount of the bank is necessary to take a special document confirming this.He is supported by collateral and the loan agreement, as well as an extract from the registry restrictions.How to change the log in this case, prompt the bank's employees.If the engine is changed, then it changed and the log of the machine.To do this, provided the appropriate solution from the conversion of the Institute, and authorization from the Chief MREO.

# 4

And the most unpleasant case if the documents have been lost forever.Before you restore the data sheet on the car, you can wait a few days as the documents are often returned for a symbolic fee.If it does not, written statement of loss to a nearby police station.In exchange, the owner receives a certificate, which have to go to MREO and restore all the papers.

# 5

You ought to have: • A passport;• Indication;• registration card on the machine;• The policy "avtograzhdanki";• Spine payment TS (transport fee).Also, do not be amiss to have a copy of these documents.If the car is in the loan, the bank will need permission to replace the registration certificate.In any situation, do not despair, because in comparison to how to make the log home, car registration document takes less time.