How to make a waterfall in the aquarium ?

How to make a waterfall in the aquarium ?
You will need:
  • Fine sand
  • Aquarium
  • tube spray
# 1

Most aquarium owners are choosing to decorate the waterfalls, because it looks not only beautiful, but also effectively.How to create a waterfall in a tank on their own?To do this, you must make the illusion of falling water with the help of small grains.Here the main thing - the sense of taste and creativity.To create a waterfall, you will need to spray tube on which will move the sand came out of it, it is under the influence of gravity will begin to sink to the bottom.

# 2

Visually it will be like the falling water.However, this can be achieved only if we choose high-quality fine sand.Prepare to be that, despite the simplicity, make this waterfall is quite difficult, you need a lot of patience and accuracy, but, if done correctly, then the design will amaze you with its beauty.How to make a waterfall in the aquarium in such a way?It is based on the injection principle.

# 3

First air bubbles rise up from their discharge and n

egative pressure will start to rise grain of sand, which reached the top edge will fall down.If you decide to make such a system at the aquarium, remember that it must be isolated, otherwise it will be a process of washing away the sand.

# 4

Before installing the system in an aquarium, try several kinds of sand, choose the one where the grains small enough, otherwise the design can not work or do not produce the desired effect.At the output end, secure sintepon that will filter sand.This must be done so that the waterfall was working smoothly and correctly.

# 5

Sometimes in order to achieve greater effect, use a tube with a hole in the sand that comes, it starts to climb up and out into the upper hole and then falls down, and the air rises to the top.Thus there is a sand circulation in a waterfall.As a rule, in the aquarium aquascape Falls is the center of the composition (an underwater landscape).

# 6

Additionally, it is possible to decorate, if you put a number of decorative stones, driftwood or plants.It is better not to place in the central part, while in or near a corner of the wall.In no case, do not set it in the middle, as it will break the aquarium into two parts, in addition it is important to remember that it is necessary to make special stops that prevent washout of sand.Do not forget that you need to decorate a waterfall.

# 7

You will need a small sheet of waterproof material, which will hide the handset and leave only the sand falling on the visible side.This option aquascape is one of the most unusual and trendy, but some fans of aquariums find it too pretentious and takes longer an isolated space in the water world.Some try to do without it, because they do not understand the technology of its execution.In fact, the design is quite simple, the complexity - in its regulation.