How to store gas cylinders ?

How to store gas cylinders ?
You will need:
  • Net warehouse
  • extinguisher serviceable
  • permit for storage of gas cylinder
# 1

Store gas cylinders must be kept upright, indoors and outin the secured state.It is strictly forbidden to store cylinders with electrical equipment or flammable materials.The filled and empty bottles in which there is no shoe, can be stored in both the vertical and horizontal state.

# 2

In the second case, the height of stacks of containers should not exceed one and a half meters for safety reasons.All cylinders should be turned one way valve.It is strictly forbidden to store co-empty and full containers.Answering the question of how to store gas cylinders, it is necessary to say a few words about the room.

# 3

Storing multiple cylinders is permitted only in the one-storey building, in which there is no attic.Placing containers must be on a soft surface.Around the room at a distance of 15 meters it is prohibited to store flammable and inflammable means, permanently connected to the el

ectrical network devices.

# 4

partitions and walls of the warehouse should be constructed of non-combustible building materials (bricks, blocks).Store gas cylinders in wooden buildings is prohibited fire safety rules.The height of the room from the floor to the lowest point should be at least three meters twenty-five centimeters.

# 5

Floors should be non-slip, smooth and have no sharp protruding surfaces so that when the balloon falls and its subsequent impact it is not his way.Also, storage of gas cylinders are allowed in closed rooms where the temperature does not exceed thirty-five degrees Celsius.In case of exceeding the rate of immediate cooling measures should be taken around the surrounding gas cylinders if they are in perfect condition.

# 6

Storage of gas cylinders is only allowed in the presence of fire extinguishers.Unused cylinders must be equipped with fuses.Protect the cylinders from the current-carrying conductors, since their contact may cause an explosion.At least once a month, inspect the outer cylinder with the gas state for damage and leaks.