How do you know the age of the house ?

How do you know the age of the house ?
You will need:
  • Datasheet
  • Observation
  • Good Neighbors
  • little research
# 1

Basically find out the age of any home is quite simple, just look at its datasheet.With the city's buildings in this regard, there is no problem at all.Datasheet can be requested in your e-GEN.As for private homes, the datasheet is from its owner.However, sometimes it happens that the technical passport is lost or you do not quite trust the data, which are specified in it.How to be in this case?

# 2

In fact, how do you know the age of the house, the question is quite complex.Simple in appearance to determine the age of the house is almost unreal.Especially if it is after repairs.If, however, still rely on just the appearance, the first pay attention to the basement and attic of the house.Typically these repair parts received little attention.

# 3

Another great way to - to talk with neighbors.Usually, people do not lie much about building a house, if it is not asked in advance.Neighbors tell you how to f

ind out the age of the house, can tell the people who live here a long time.Another way to know the true age of the house, it does not ask the owner of the product data, but simply go to a higher authority.And there is to know the house was built in what year.

# 4

Another thing to be sure to find out from the seller in the case if the house is wood lined with brick, so it is in what happened this year.Because it could well happen that bricks obkladyvali not a full house, and has a chip and dust.Therefore, you need to separately recognize and age of the wooden house foundations and brick lining.

# 5

also very recommended to carefully inspect the pipe (their replacement is very expensive hobby, and these few people involved).Especially carefully inspect the places where these same pipe is simply impossible to paint.For example, the places where the pipe goes to the wall.In addition, as a rusted pipe and you can easily determine the age of the house.