Removing old wallpaper washable easy and simple ?

Removing old wallpaper washable easy and simple ?
You will need:
  • Water
  • Sponge
  • Spatula
  • film
# 1

Removing old wallpaper washable easy and simple?Although the majority of the wallpaper are made on paper, and to apply them on the wall apply adhesives perfectly interact with water, wallpaper dismantling process sometimes causes significant difficulties.If we consider that the adhesion of new finishing materials requires a clean, prepared surface, it is desirable to advance to figure out how to remove old wallpaper.To make the process of repair work is most effective, it is advisable to stick to a particular sequence of actions.

# 2

Before removing old wallpaper should undertake a number of preparatory measures.That is to vacate the premises of the pieces of furniture, household appliances and other accessories, as well as to take measures to avoid the spread of construction waste within the room (floor cover, radiators, elements of engineering communications).

# 3

Later, when asked how to remove old wallpaper washable should be

noted that the source material is a paper sheet, laminated with a layer of protective coating (to be able to produce a surface wetting).Initially, therefore, need to take a number of actions aimed at the destruction of this protection.That is, using the mounting knife, wire brush, or any improvised equipment at the surface of the detergent should be applied to wallpaper a kind incisions, allowing the slurry to freely fall to the bottom of the paper.

# 4

Then, using a sponge or cloth, wallpaper surface is subjected to abundant moisture.Removing the material from the surface of the walls is carried out only after the swelling of a good paper base and performed in any convenient tool for the artist: a metal spatula, knife or trowel.

# 5

Considering the technique is easy to remove old wallpaper, many artists do not take into account a number of important factors: First, the best option for moisturizing of wallpaper is to use warm water or a special solution.Secondly, before you remove the old vinyl wallpaper is desirable to treat the surface of the steam generator.Third, the process of dismantling the material, it is best to produce accurate movements, trying to remove the bulkier pieces in a single pass.And, fourthly, as the removal of old wallpaper is desirable to immediately perform their cleaning, or sheets may be stuck to the floor again bases and other elements of the structure.