How to handle the shoes of the fungus ?

How to handle the shoes of the fungus ?
You will need:
  • 40-70% acetic acid
  • Formalin
  • Mikostop
# 1

Today, according to official data of the World Health Organization in the range of 15-20% of the populationthe world suffer from different types of fungal diseases of feet.This suggests that the risks are great.Therefore, we can give some good tips that will not only help to survive in a serious battle with the fungus, but also to combat this disease forever.Treatment of foot fungus - is a complex and not a simple event.In this question is not the last place is taken proper care of footwear.

# 2

Unfortunately, not many are paying due attention to this procedure.It must be remembered that the processing of shoes from a fungus - is not only a way to podiatry, but also a measure of prevention.Therefore, even if the person does not suffer from this disease, it is not superfluous to treat your favorite winter boots, sneakers or elegant shoes.There are several ways of how to handle the shoes of the fungus.They are all based on a si

mple truth: the fungus and its spores firmly reject acidic environment.This is what should be guided by fighting fungus.

# 3

So, the way first.Surely each family there is a little acetic acid.Here it's the need.We need to take 40-70% acetic acid, and moisten it cotton swab.Then, the washed and dried with shoes prepared swab inside send in a plastic bag and tie it tightly.Footwear remains rest in the bag for a day.At the end of the desired time, remove the shoes from polyethylene and leave ventilated.airing procedure can take more than one day, so this method is not the best of all.However, the shoes such a procedure does not hurt, but the fungus it is unlikely to survive.

# 4

Another effective remedy for the fungus - Formalin.That's just get it will be somewhat more complicated than vinegar.A method of processing shoe of the substance is similar to the previous one.Failed to get Formalin?Do not despair.You can go to the pharmacy for Alaminol, so he has something in the broad market.It should be noted that Alaminol and similar drugs are means for disinfection.However Alaminol manufacturers insist that the drug has a broad spectrum of activity, and not only to cope with viruses and bacteria, but also help get rid of the fungus.Should be used for treating a 1% solution Alaminol.The impregnated them shoes and insoles leave for half an hour, then rinse with water and dry.

# 5

We should also highlight another drug - Mikostop.Today it is the most efficient and convenient way, and the fight against the fungus its intended purpose.Mikostop made in the form of a spray, which is very easy to apply.This drug destroys all known fungi that cause athlete's foot infections of the skin of feet.At the same time it is completely odorless and does not contain alcohol.It is enough to spray the spray inside the shoe and leave it overnight.

# 6

Doing this, will have to every day for 3-5 days.Otherwise, the effect of the use will not be achieved.Treated this way the shoe does not require ventilation.Regularly processing shoes proposed in this article means you can preserve the health and beauty of the feet and nails, preventing the development of the fungus.Such procedures will not take neither the strength nor the time, minimizing the risk of disease.