As starched dress?

As starched dress?
You will need:
  • laundry
  • spray ironing
  • starch solution and water
# 1

This article is not a digression into history.From classical literature all know how heavy was the work of washerwomen, how difficult it was to starch and Iron-on transfer from vsevozmozhnymiryushami dresses, lace and ruffles.Now everything is much easier!

# 2

For absolutely no time or desire to do their wardrobe, there is one universal way - bring clothes to the laundry room, where she was washed, starched and ironed.However, the quality of this service is not always on top, but it is offered as an absolutely last resort option.Here the question may arise: how to starch dress at home if a woman suddenly invited to a party, a concert, or to be unplanned important meeting?Time running out completely and wants to look good.First you need to look into the wardrobe, and a starched dress, which fell on the selection, you can find below.

# 3

It's very simple: you can go to the nearest store and buy a can of spray fo

r ironing.It perfectly moisturizes and starches.It is necessary to apply the spray on the reverse side of the board to avoid spots and just pat.Wonderful leaves!There is an old and proven "grandma" way to starch clothes.It is very simple and does not take much time.Starts starch, potato is best, but you can use rice or corn.Composition - 1chaynaya spoon per liter of water, do not need more, and then the solution will be very hard, for both linen.In order to fully wet the dress, you need to cook, for example, 3 liters of water and 3 spoons of starch.

# 4

Next starch put into a separate bowl, take the total amount of water (it must be cool) 1 cup and slowly pour it in there, stirring to avoid lumps, until a smooth slurry.The remaining water to boil and immediately pour into a small stream in a vessel of the starch solution, constantly interfering.If the composition has turned whitish, it is necessary once again put on the fire and heat just before the start of the boil.In no case do not boil!Now all it has to cool down up to 30-35 degrees, and only then to be omitted dress.

# 5

way, starch things only need to clean, no stains, or they will become even more noticeable.Next, dress lowered into the solution, gently pushed the excess starch and hung to dry.The most important thing to order is not dried up, or when ironing it will have to sprinkle or moisten if absolutely missed the moment.After everything will look fine, because the clothes after starching it becomes bright and elegant.As seen from the above, and the old methods may be used.Our grandmothers knew a lot, including how to starch dress to look spectacular.

# 6

In conclusion, women in the review, with Starch: - fabric covered with a transparent film and even becomes more dense - dress better and longer keeps its shape - less wrinkled and dirty, - easily erased.