How to bring the cockroaches from the apartment and a private home ?

How to bring the cockroaches from the apartment and a private home ?
You will need:
  • boiling
  • chemicals
  • caucasian daisy
  • boric acid
# 1

The problem of how to bring cockroaches, many people face.These insects are very often run into guests enjoy various scraps.And, in the beginning they come one by one, and then collect the entire company.Yes, cockroaches do not bite, do not cause harm to the pets, and the amount of food that they eat very little.But such fear and loathing, perhaps, do not cause any other creature, more dangerous.Cockroaches infest near the batteries, the water sources.Also, if the house is on the ground floor is a room or office catering, the probability of occurrence of these insects is large enough.Cockroaches settle in computer technology: printer, scanner, system blocks.Sometimes people do not even know the exact location of their habitat, and to eradicate them from there becomes a real problem.

# 2

For example, in Soviet times, it was believed that the house cockroaches infest only slovenly and lazy owners.And at that time it w

as a shame to ask, "How can I see cockroaches in the apartment?" People had to act with all means at hand to get rid of the annoying insects.But now, on the Internet there are entire forums, which addresses the problem of how to get the cockroaches out of the apartment and the house.Users are advised to each other and the most effective ways to provide examples of the fight against these intruders.Even when not prepared and did not familiar with cockroaches, in 10 minutes you can be aware of them all.Moreover, all available written text for the perception of the average person.But often, after the destruction of cockroaches, they appear again after a while.And in the battle again...

# 3

first step in controlling cockroaches is to detect their nests.These places must be sought from the moment the code were the first guests.Nests are usually found cockroaches in the dark, not available to light the corners of the apartment or house.Also, be sure to check all the equipment, because these insects settle even on TVs and stereos.When cockroaches nesting site was found, and you can pour boiling water, then do not hesitate a single minute.This method will kill not only adults, but also for their larvae.Thereafter, the remaining water should be carefully wiped, and this hot spot treated with a solution of bleach.This eliminates the possibility of cockroaches in the same shelter.Of course, this method is not suitable for nests in the art, because Touching wires and circuit boards with water just bring her down.

# 4

In places where the use of water would be highly undesirable, it is possible to use modern means to combat cockroaches.To this should be fine chalk "Arsenal" or "Masha".They are very easy to handle.Shallow enough to spend on the surface in places where cockroaches, and after a while they disappear.Still, there are special gels to kill insects, such as "Dohloks".It is a syringe with bait for cockroaches.This mixture is applied in a more likely place of occurrence bothersome insects.With the help of bar movements or lines "Doloksa" should be restricted from entering the cockroaches to the water.Thus, it should be cut around the sink, sink, toilet, water sources.But do not forget about ventilation shafts outlets, baseboards, doorways, hoods, walls.

# 5

result of such chemicals is good enough, but unfortunately, they can not always be used.If a person has small children or pets, the poison spread around the apartment or house will be very dangerous.Therefore, in such cases it is necessary to use more secure means to combat cockroaches.For example, one of my grandmother's remedies is the use of the Caucasian chamomile powder.He, incidentally, bears no risk to human health.The powder must be sprayed in places of frequent stay cockroaches.Dosage it should be as follows: 20 grams of powder per 1 sq.m. By following the instructions, "How cockroaches to bring from home?" it is necessary to seek the assistance of boric acid.It is combined with egg yolk and boiled potatoes, rolled into balls and lay on a flat or house.

# 6

Getting rid of cockroaches - it is a necessary process, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also practical.Despite their vulnerability and a certain "peace-loving", these insects are the distributors of many infectious diseases.And all because the roaches crawling everywhere.Their legs are going to a myriad of germs that they pick up in the garbage can, toilet, sink.Then these same "dirty" paws cockroaches crawling on the table, in the kitchen cabinets, food.The man sometimes and may not be aware of the reason for the appearance of the disease.Therefore, if the apartment or home has been found not to individual petition to the visitor, it is necessary immediately, without delay, to take on responsible business.Do not be afraid to ask for advice.First of all, people have to fight for their health and their family's health.