How to develop tendon after surgery ?

How to develop tendon after surgery ?
You will need:
  • Timely access to a doctor-traumatologist
  • Magnetic
  • Exercising
  • Massage
# 1

tendon - is the formation of connective tissue, and with this structuremuscles are connected to the bones.Tendons are susceptible to mechanical injury, so not always possible to spend treatment bezoperabelno, which means that you need to know how to develop tendon after surgery.

# 2

Most often, doctors prescribe a particular course of postoperative recovery.It usually includes massage, physical therapy and magnetic therapy, therapeutic exercise.These procedures have a positive effect on tendon function, reduce or completely remove the pain.

# 3

In order to prevent the risk of injury, you need to have an idea of ​​how to stretch the tendon.Stretching gives additional advantages in sports and increase the plasticity reduces the risk of tendon injury during exercise.In general, problems with the tendons usually in people engaged in sports or heavy physical labor.

# 4

The way to strengthen the ligaments and tendons, is one of the fundamental bases in sports, physical work and exercise.Before each training or loads need to be warmed up, to warm up.By and large, how to strengthen the tendons is no big deal, but loading the muscles, and thus giving the load on the ligaments and tendons, you should never exaggerate its capabilities.For example, practicing in the gym, do not just grab the big weight - you need to do it gradually.

# 5

only in emergency situations may arise With the right training regime problems with ligaments and tendons.For example, accidentally fell from the hand of the trainer or team sports, leg or arm too abruptly jerked the ball.Then there are tension or tendon injuries.If the load continues travmirovannouyu region, tendon or ligament can become inflamed.

# 6

question of how to treat the inflammation of the tendons and ligaments involved trauma surgeons.Typically, conservative treatments, but you should never rely on the medical ointments, because none of the ointment is not able to cure an injury or inflammation.The medicine can only be used in addition to the basic treatment - mostly injections and special tablets.For injuries of tendons and ligaments is best to consult a doctor immediately and he will conduct the necessary examination and will also help to preserve and restore the damage, without consequences.