As discovered penicillin ?

As discovered penicillin ?
You will need:
  • Serious education
  • Understanding the chemistry and biology
  • Hard work
  • Ongoing experiments
# 1

At the beginning of the last century, the Scottish bacteriologist Sir Alexander Fleming is actively engaged in the searcha substance that could help in the fight against pathogenic bacteria.In the story of how discovered penicillin, was Fleming played a crucial role.More than 20 years of experience with a variety of life-threatening and health of microorganisms, thousands of experiments have led to the fact that in 1928 the study of the properties of mold was discovered that he was opposed to the development of the incredible performance and contributes to the destruction of Staphylococcus aureus!

# 2

Through trial and error, and further scientific research, Alexander and his working group came to the conclusion, as the diluted penicillin so that it does not lose its remarkable properties.required consistency has been found, completely harmless to the animal organism has be

en determined necessary storage temperature of the drug, and balanced its alkaline properties.Naturally, then, how do penicillin today, and how it had to do back in the 20's - 30's - things are fundamentally different.

# 3

Since 1929, Fleming began to try to isolate pure penicillin, to receive the maximum dose of his medication.In 1939 he was picked up by the British undertakings Houvard Florey and Ernest Chain.After World War II, scientists were forced to flee to the United States and continue to study there.In 1941, a new tool has saved the first human life.Understanding how to prepare penicillin and highlight its pure form, it helped a lot during the fighting.Hundreds of thousands, millions of people are alive only because of saving drug.

# 4

In the USSR advanced drug were able to identify in 1942 under the direction of Zenaida Ermolayeva, head of the Institute of Experimental Medicine.Together with his assistants, it was able to create krustozin penicillin, which was effectively the western counterpart.In 1943, the commencement of commercial production of injection, there was a guide on how to make penicillin.The successes of domestic and foreign experts, their contribution to the development of world science is truly invaluable.Foreign scientists (Fleming, Florey and Chain) won the Nobel Prize (1945), received the Stalin Ermolaeva.