How to find out the type of RAM ?

How to find out the type of RAM ?
You will need:
  • computer or laptop
  • Internet access
# 1

RAM laptop memory or PC - one of the system's most important elements, which directly quickness work dependsapplications.There are several types of memory, each of which carries its own challenges.Understanding what kind of RAM installed on your computer, will replace it or make upgrades if necessary.Sometimes computer users have a situation where you need to know the type of memory.What need to know the memory is installed, typically, in the case when it is required to increase its volume, and to determine that conditions for compatibility with installed modules.They vary in type and clock frequency.Consider a few ways.

# 2

easiest, and requires no additional software installation: go to Start & gt;Right-click "Computer» & gt;properties.In the window you can see the amount of RAM installed in the system, and the processor type.But if you need to know in addition to the volume and other characteristics?There are various means of

checking and diagnostics for your computer.To determine the established and well-functioning of RAM on a Windows operating system devices, you can use CPU-Z program, which is free, has a small footprint and is widely distributed in the network.The computer must have a browser and an internet connection.In the address bar you must enter / softwares / cpu-z.html, and in the displayed website to find and press the «setup».After the file jumps need to follow the installation instructions.

# 3

After the launch of the label on the desktop and start the program in the main window, which consists of several sections and organized in tabs, will first CPU.Left-click the need to switch on the Memory tab.There appear subsections with information about the parameters of computer operatives: General (basic information), and Timings.Timings and operating clock frequency chips.The next item Type General parameters such as RAM are located, DDR 1,2, or 3. In more detail - for the next SPD tab by using the left mouse button.Here, in the drop-down menu contains information for each separate strips, if there are several.

# 4

Many users to find out the type of RAM installed on the computer, use the program Everest.After installation, you must enter it by clicking the program icon on your desktop.Further, by clicking the item and sub-board RAM.Here you can see the type of memory and its main characteristics.There are many other programs that can help you find out the same information.For example, Sandra, 32 Aida and others.Also find the data of interest to the documentation of your computer or in the BIOS, going back at startup using the DEL key or the F2, in laptops.