How to check the performance of your computer ?

How to check the performance of your computer ?
You will need:
  • The test computer or laptop.
  • Internet connection.
# 1

Computer users often face the problem of braking and low productivity in some applications.The reasons for this may be several - from an unbalanced assembly components, in which a weak processor is hung a strong video card, and vice versa, to the various program factors and viruses.Ways to determine the performance, there are several.They are divided on the possibility of prisoners into the operating system, as well as tests with the help of special programs.

# 2

first on how to check the performance of your computer by using Windows features.The method is quite convenient, and suitable for experienced users, because not only will CPU performance, but different parts of the computer.Start determination of the level of work you need to press ALT-Ctrl-Delete.After you select the Task Manager, and the tab "Performance."On tab, you can determine if your machine is running in full mode, or it needs to be upgraded.The same

method is started by right-clicking on the command line.After the shortcut menu, click Task Manager, which is already the desired tab is opened.

# 3

Windowstakzhe The utility is called "Index".Its capabilities include computer performance test, which in this case five, and evaluation of each of them.However, the overall assessment can not be higher than the lower value.In the seventh Vistai OS Windows performance index is between 1 and 5.9.The eighth version of this figure is higher, because it is assumed that in the future performance of computers will be much need to log into the control panel to launch the application, start the "Index", click on "check out".worry is not about - So, upgrade or replace with a new one if the above in the assessment of less than three, preferably system.

# 4

to apply "test" software For more of detailed information about your computer speed.For example, Everest program.After installing and running it in the bottom of the menu, select the item "test".In the window that opens, select the sub-most relevant search task.A few seconds after pressing the "refresh" button is visible information about the speed of your PC.A similar program is DPCLatencyChecker.You can download it from the site, the software is free and does not require installation.After starting the program in the window graphically displays the performance of your computer.When braking system of any process or program, once a warning is issued.

# 5

Almost all modern computers quite successfully cope with office applications, video playback, applications associated with the Internet and so on. D. But many of them may not have enough power for a comfortable three-dimensional games.View PC experience in a virtual test performance in 3D-applications will help the program 3DMark.It is a few tests and computer graphics subsystem is specialized in video cards, and checks the overall performance of the three-dimensional applications, primarily - in games.There are several versions of the program, between which a slight difference.But it is most advantageous to have the free Basicversiey.The network can be easily found, and other applications that test the computer in this way.Which one to choose - a question of user preference.