How do I know what is needed for the video card driver ?

How do I know what is needed for the video card driver ?
You will need:
  • computer or laptop
  • Connecting to the Internet or corporate software
# 1

case, such a situation when you need to reinstall the system.Although modern operating systems already support many devices, the driver will not be the latest and without the presence of the optimal settings.Experienced users try to download the latest drivers from the manufacturer's resources.For boards this is especially true.Most of the latest games are played faster and more colorful with the new drivers.To reinstall them need to know what exactly is in the computer graphics card.In the "Start" menu, selecting "Run", type dxdiag, and a window that opens, select the tab "Display".It displays information about the video card.But if the device is not installed, the information will not be displayed.

# 2

The easiest and surest way, how do you know which drivers are needed for the video card - is to see the information in your computer documentation or laptop and install the driver from the disc th

at came with the equipment.But after the installation it is recommended to update all the same, as such software usually very outdated.This applies to new cards.In the case where the video adapter has a considerable age and play 3D games no particular intention, it will be enough and drivers installed with the operating system.If such documentation and the drive is lost, come to the aid of special software.One of the most popular is DriverPackSolution.It is a complex search, automatic and free download, and install the drivers.It works on all versions of Windows and does not require a network connection.

# 3

Another way to find your video card model is to use programs that define the configuration of your computer.Very popular, such as Everest, PCWizard, SiSoftSandra, since they can be easily found on the internet and free to use.How the program works is approximately the same.For example, in PCWizardglavny interface is divided into several zones.On the left side are the components of the test, on the right - a window of data.If you click on the component, in this case on the graphics card, the bottom opens detailed information on this component.Once known as the device specification, the driver can easily find and download in the support area on the manufacturer's website.

# 4

There are also alternative drivers of video cards written by independent developers on the basis of the reference drivers.Many users and experts agree that they provide higher performance than the original.But the inexperienced user to better establish the original software, as productivity gains from alternative if there is, a little, but with the equipment operation problems can easily arise.This so-called "artifacts", or even unstable operating system.Before you install a new driver, you must make sure that all previous versions are removed, as well as the necessary service packs installed (DirectX, software packages for the motherboard).Almost all modern software self-aligning, so that problems with their installation, even beginners should arise.After installation, you must reboot the computer, only if the procedure is complete.