How to fix the keyboard how to fix a key on the computer?

You will need:
  • computer keyboard or laptop
  • thin screwdriver and a conductive adhesive
# 1

If suddenly broke the keyboard, it is easiest to change the spare, borrow, or buy well.Well, it is not too expensive.It is much more difficult, if spoiled laptop keyboard, which replaced a much harder and more expensive.But even a simple user without much experience in repair techniques with proper care and attention can cope with this kind of repair.The most common fault - getting into it a wide variety of liquids.How to fix a computer or laptop keyboard in this case?

# 2

Maximum quickly turn off the computer, unplug the power cord.When the battery is available to open the battery compartment and remove it.Losing precious seconds fraught liquid gets inside the notebook, with a short circuit may make the device completely inoperative.Next, carefully detach the keyboard and rinse with plenty of water.Detergents should not be used as active ingredients may damage the wirings and the insulation of

conductors.When thoroughly dry, connect check.The drying should be carried out in a moderately warm place, avoiding sunlight and open flame are not less than a day.Speed ​​up the process as possible, using a fan.It should be remembered that no traces of moisture on the surface does not talk about its absence inside a structure has a complex shape.

# 3

If the keypad is partially or fully working after previous manipulation, a chance to fix it is still there.For this it is necessary to restore the wirings.This operation may be accomplished by using a conductive paint.It may be for sale computer shop or car accessories store, which is used to repair rear window heating tracks.Before dismantling the keyboard you need to make it a photo, or the layout of the keys, which will be in the assembly instruction.Buttons to shoot comfortably with the help of dental hooks, but will approach any thin screwdriver.Remove all the keys you need.

# 4

Lifts, which are mounted buttons also removed.This procedure is not as simple as it is now all connections are clearly visible.Once you can access the deposited polymer boards with wirings placed on an aluminum substrate.When gluing them to heat and careful separation using a hair dryer.On the damaged track is applied on top of the conductive ink is dried and then the keyboard.Recommendations for assembly return dismantling the device.When you're done, check the efficiency.In the absence of signs of life, nothing more to do but to simply replace the non-working part of the computer.