How to see the characteristics of your computer ?

How to see the characteristics of your computer ?
You will need:
  • computer or laptop
  • Internet connection
# 1

owners of the computers in the course of their use are often faced with a situation where you need to be aware that the computer inside.For example, if you want to diagnostics of serviceability of the individual components, without accurate data do not model.How to see the characteristics of your computer?There are several ways - use the built-in operating system, or by means of special programs.

# 2

The easiest and fastest way - to use the standard Windows program.Check the parameters of the processor and RAM by clicking on "My Computer" right-click.Then click on "Properties" to open this information, except version of OSes, and other data.But how to see the characteristics of the computer system in more detail?To do this, go to the Device Manager in Control Panel.A list of all the devices that make up the system.The properties of each of the devices can find their respective characteristics.The disadvantage of this method i

s that the information provided is inconvenient and may be incomplete.

# 3

There is special software that also allows you to check your computer system characteristics.They are widely used and are very well known: SiSsoftSandra, PCWizard, Everest, HWiNFO32.On the Internet, this software is very common.Some of the programs are paid, some are not.The question is how to see the characteristics of your computer with the help of this software at Everest consider an example.After its installation and startup main window opens, in which the two main sections of information.On the left side - a list of grouped devices, in the right - detailed information about these devices.For example, if you want to know the model of memory, enough to reveal the left side of the menu "System board" and select "the SPD".On the right opens a detailed description of the memory of the computer.Also looking for information and other devices.

# 4

information on how you look at the characteristics of the computer windows 7 or Vista, you can get by using the System Information utility.Find it may be in the service programs or the Start & gt;run - in line to enter msinfo32, or directly in the Search field.The process of collecting information in a few minutes, leaving open the processor performance, RAM and virtual memory model and the type of computer, etc. The disadvantage is the lack of utility of the report selection parameters plus -.. The ability to save information to a file.There is another way - see the configuration of your computer in the documents issued at buying a car.