How to disable the keyboard on the laptop : the keyboard off

How to disable the keyboard on the laptop : the keyboard off
You will need:
  • plywood
  • rubber washers
  • Internet
# 1

"Why did it turn off?" - Asks the reader.The notebook in general, everything is fine, but some people are not satisfied with just the keys, and they are diligently trying to turn off the laptop keyboard.Why?Most often this occurs because it is impossible to print on a laptop in the blind, and this is reflected on the user's performance.The keys on it are generally low and wide, even space has a perfect shape of the space bar on the computer keyboard.Some users have simply become accustomed to his old home, and the keyboard can not be retrained.So users should know or learn how to disable the keyboard on a laptop.To turn off the keyboard, there are several options with varying degrees of complexity.To get started, the user must decide exactly what he wants to achieve.

# 2

Block keyboard for a while, or turn it off.One of the simplest (and "rough") option is to cover a small part fanerki keyboard when it is at its corners enclose sh

aybochek rubber pieces in order to avoid triggering native keys.Another metod- is a common purchase additional keyboard that will appeal to notebook users.But not everyone will have the keys for the constant change of the pocket.Therefore, we can open the laptop and pull the loop.Flex is responsible for keyboard and is connected to the motherboard.This option disable the keyboard does not require much physical effort, and energy costs, but nevertheless necessary precision, accuracy and peace of mind when performing this work to disable the keys or locks.

# 3

users of computers and computer equipment, having superficial knowledge in such cases, we should not try to pull themselves plume, because you can damage the motherboard or any other important part of the laptop.Of course, in such cases, you can consult with a specialist in repair of computer equipment, or make a call home.But if none of the above options is not suitable, it is necessary to resort to another, but it is not widespread.However, this method of locking the keyboard and can be read on the Internet.Follow Mark earlier that the standard features in Windows and other impossible to lock the keypad operating systems.Therefore, users have to use a variety of programs designed to lock the laptop keyboard.

# 4

In this article you will learn about one of such programs.This Toddler Keys.Sorry about this program is not known to each user PC or laptop.You must first download the software and install on a laptop, after the data operation on the desktop user will be able to see the label in the form of two letters: T and K are the initials of the program.Next, you need to right click on the icon and select the function "Lock Keyboard", with the help of its "native" keyboard will be locked.After that it will be possible to install an external keyboard and begin to use it, if it can be sure that the "native" keyboard suddenly does not work.

# 5

To lock button off unnecessary any further action, because the program is placed in the default settings, it can also block the drive.To activate the keyboard again, enough to uncheck Disable Power Button and the Lock Driver Doors.If the user needs not only the keyboard, but also block the mouse, then in that case you need to double click on the shortcut on your desktop.To unlock, you must enter the password that is displayed on the monitor screen.Users do not need to worry about installing software.Why?Because the installation is easy and the program is supported by all operating systems, including Windows 7. By the help of these simple actions, each user will be able to solve all your questions on the key lock and convenient to use the keyboard for it.