How to make a radio with their own hands ?

How to make a radio with their own hands ?
You will need:
  • twisted together pigtails and
  • bottle-sectional diameter of the wire of 0.3-0.8 mm for 100 turns and a diameter of 50 mm
  • plastic frame 50 mm
  • foiland polyethylene
  • diode factory production
  • ground
  • headset with soprotileniem not less than 1600 ohm
  • small pieces of wires
# 1

setting radiopriёmnikaDlya to first collect the necessary receiver details, and later assembleof these details himself receiver is required to understand how to set up the desired radio station wave.As can be located close to several stations, radio has the ability to tune in to one.This is explained by the presence in it of the oscillatory circuit, which is attached to the antenna and ground.Rotate radiopriёnika, we change the value of the capacitance of the capacitor, causing the change in frequency of the wave depends.Hence the antenna tuned to the selected frequency, receives electrical oscillation of this frequency only, the rest of it are eliminated.Oscillating currents pass through the head

set and cause fluctuations in its membrane, which leads to the Sound Playback.

# 2

radiopriёmnikDlya choose how to select the radio, you first need to know the list of its functions.An example may be a thermometer, clock and alarm clock, or properly to the temperature in the room or on the street.Such radios should remember one thing: the more of these additional features, the worse the quality of the sound.Therefore, if the desire is to listen to the radio with good sound, then receivers with a bunch of extra gadgets to pay attention not worth it.Before selecting the device you want to be sure to listen to it.It should also be noted that the sound quality also depends on the size of the speaker unit.

# 3

how to assemble radiopriёmnikVnachale going to reel.Along the edges of the frame are made holes for threading the winding wire.Wound on a frame is required not less than 100 turns without overlaps, and after each coil 20 bends recommended for connection with an antenna, a detector and capacitors.After all outlets need to clean up the insulation.For the insulator in the bottle is done by 2 holes on the neck and the base.On one side of the antenna wire threaded through the other - for fastening vervvka subject to high.The capacitor is made by overlaying layers of polyethylene and foil alternately.After receiving konstruktsiyana wound on the postings.Antenna webs of wire pieces of the detection on our radio receiver will have a length of 90 meters.In the role of the ground will make a metal pipe protruding from the ground.The two secondary coils and capacitors are mounted taps diode.Headphones are connected in parallel with the bypass capacitors.The antenna is connected with the last tap of the coil, and ground - with the condenser and the first voltage tap of the coil.

# 4

how the radiopriёmnikV receiver coming from the antenna peremnnye current detector are converted into currents that affect the headphones.Work zaklchaetsya receiver to the number of induced currents in the antenna currents select the desired station.When you rotate the radio tuning knob is determined by one or another station, sometimes located at a great distance from the place of reception.Hence it is clear that uproscheёny radtopriёmnik made with their hands out of scrap materials can accept only sufficiently powerful radio station, located not too far away.