How to open hidden files on a flash drive ?

How to open hidden files on a flash drive ?
You will need:
  • PC
  • Flash card
  • Antivirus software
# 1

To begin, insert the flash card into a compatible ucb port of the computer, and open the contents of the flash cardthrough a standard wire (My computer-flash).At the top is a toolbar.which should be selected point- "service" and the pop-up menu options -. "Folder Options"In the new window properties you need to click on the "view" tab.Keep in mind that files can be hidden by a special software system are, however, open hidden files on a flash drive is realistic and simple.The section "Additional settings" contains the item "Hide protected operating system files", near which it is necessary to remove the check mark.On the flash drive, can be hidden not only files, and even entire folders.

# 2

Members are wondering how to open the hidden folders on a flash drive, is regulated by it, in the same section, "additional options" ", but select" Show hidden files and folders ", next to which should be the same tick.Finally, save the chang

es by pressing the "enter" key or by clicking on its on-screen equivalent - "OK" button.If the files are missing for no apparent reasons and the instruction does not help, maybe it's the fault of malicious files, programs, viruses can completely hide files and folders, then the solution is to scan removable drives (flash drives), and preferably completely all anti-virus software computer, preferably with the latteran updated data base of viruses.

# 3

This is done if the tab "Service" has disappeared from the toolbar, but its absence can be caused by a different version of Windows OS.So depending on the version of the operating system, "Tools" menu may not be available, then open the hidden files on a flash drive can be a slightly different way.To do this, perform the following path: "Start" - "Settings" - "Control Panel" - "Folder Options."You will see exactly the same menus that appear on the instructions written above, in those same areas, it is necessary to tick the box.It should be remembered that in this case, the changes apply to all folders in the computer system (and including removable USB flash drives).

# 4

Now, the previously hidden files and folders will be semi-transparent icons, but they can work effectively.For further simplification can be made use of them open.We must do the following select the desired shawl-hidden file (folder), right click on it, select the pop-up menu - "properties".This opens a small window where, in the "attributes" necessary to remove the check mark from the "hidden".Changes are confirmed by pressing "OK", or, if familiar, keyboard control - "enter".When required hidden files and folders are found and work with them done, preferably through the "Start" to turn off display of hidden files that would not interfere with the windows (if the folder system), and inadvertently not removed, besides these system folders can bea large number, and it can make it difficult to work in the "file Explorer".Good luck!