How to choose a lens for your camera ?

How to choose a lens for your camera ?
You will need:
  • camera
  • Lens
  • set of screwdrivers (if need be disassembled)
# 1

Interchangeable lenses - a necessary thing for the camera, allows photographers to shoot stunning imagesquality optics plays an important role, almost as much, if not more, than the quality of the matrix camera.Before the buyers there is a question how to choose a lens that would result did not disappoint, and use them only give pleasure.All this in the article.It is worth noting that to the camera only fit a specific "signature" lenses from producer.For example, not be able to buy a lens for Nikon and attach it to the Sony, so the same is not recommended to trust a variety of lenses of questionable Chinese companies, the quality of which are being abandoned poor.

# 2

Before you remove the lens need to know and distinguish the types of lens mount, there are only two: -rezbovoe: hardly it can be found in today's lenses, but before.fully mechanical, often foreign, he applied.On each side of the lens at the

bottom is a fine thread, the lens should be gently inserted into the entry thread and make a few turns.The actual process is not fast, so this kind of lens is definitely not suitable for shots that require frequent and rapid change it.-bayonet: more modern fixture attachment takes much less time, but the process is clear and fast, it is necessary to combine the dots on the lens and the camera after turning it clockwise until it clicks.Used in modern lenses but has a high cost.

# 3

important once in the store to check the lens whether there is marriage, which can spoil the impression from the use of them and the quality of the captured image.First of all you should pay attention to the external functionality, whether Oskol as holding fixture, whether it comes to the camera, there is no backlash, all should sit tight.It is worth paying attention to the focus, to evaluate sharpness, when shooting small set of elements (eg a newspaper sheet or brick walls) edge should not be 'zamyleny "if such detsetrovka elements should choose another element, without such a marriage.

# 4

In the case of sudden failure, in the absence of specialized workshops, which are absent in many cities is the only way to "save" it will be the lens manual disassembly.In fact, to disassemble the lens is not so difficult.Put the camera on a white sheet of paper.and carefully remove the three screws that hold the contact on the perimeter fastening of the bayonet.Then put them aside and remove the upper ring of plastic.this same annular surface is necessary to unscrew the other 3 screws.Ring with Aperture must be removed, and unscrew it from the contact.Next you will see 3-4 (depending on model) screw, which must also be unscrewed.Carefully remove the inner part of the lens.Disassembly is complete.Now you can replace some of the details of your choice, or to clean the lens and components from dust.the lens assembly in reverse order.