How does the radio : Radio device

How does the radio : Radio device
You will need:
  • principle of walkie-talkie radio
  • Register
  • Charging
  • use of walkie-talkie radio
  • Adjusting the antenna for the radio
# 1

Since radio work?Let people send voice message - "sender" and receiver - "listener".Then, on the radio, "Sender" creates a signal with certain parameters (wavelength and frequency of the signal).The signal is then converted into a high frequency radio wave.The resulting transformed signal is sent through the antenna.On the radio "Listener" demodulated signal (ie, the reverse is true) and the signal is the same frequency.This signal and reproduces the speaker on the radio listener.Thus the sender's voice is delivered to a "Listener".

# 2

without permission is not allowed the use of two-way radios, as it is prohibited by Russian law and is punishable by a fine of up to 3 minimum wages, salaries.Walkie-talkie, you must register.So how to register the radio?Required to obtain a "Certificate for the right of exploitation" and register the radio in Ros

svyazokhrankultura bodies.According to the police request a person is obliged to present this evidence.To register, you must submit an application to Rossvyazokhrankultura in writing.

# 3

How to charge the radio?The radio, as well as any electronic device needs to be charged.Included with the radio usually sold several batteries for the radio.If the charger included one first better to charge a battery, and then the second.Taking them with him, inserted into the radio ext.battery when the first runs out.

# 4

How to use the walkie-talkie?Using a portable radio is very easy, you just need to press one button and talk.At the same time you will hear all the people who are in signal range (usually up to 2-5 kilometers) and adjust to the same frequency as you.Walkie good use when traveling in the country, such as fishing or hunting, or just for a hike in the woods.Discussions on the radio free and not depend on the remoteness from civilization, t. To. The signal goes directly from one radio to another.

# 5

How to tune the antenna to the radio?This requires a special device - SWR meter.The most common type of two-way radios operating at a frequency of 27 MHz, for such radios need a SWR meter operating at this frequency.You must connect the SWR meter in the connector between the antenna and radio.Place the arrow on the mark "0" to enable and activate the radio.Set the radio.Place the antenna in the position desired signal.To do this, loosen the screw holding on the radio antenna and adjust its height, then re-tighten it.When buying, make sure that there is a complete tuning SWR.