How to check the camera lens to the trouble ?

How to check the camera lens to the trouble ?
You will need:
  • lamp to check the lens
  • opportunity to test shots
# 1

lenses in cameras may differ greatly, depending on the model.For example, digital, very demanding with respect to the optics, to shoot on film - on the contrary.It is difficult to choose a model that will have a good focus with good sharpness, and especially without the blurry edges.It is especially important for beginners to understand how, exactly, the lens needs.A good solution would be buying it (the lens) in a thrift shop.However, check the lens, if you buy (especially if it is b / y) itself, without any special knowledge?First of all you need to pay attention to the external appearance of the lens.

# 2

on it should not be scuffs, scratches, if any - this means that the camera more than once wore cover.The more scratches, the more frequently used lens.You should also inspect the terminals, because even the absence of scratches on them, does not mean that everything is in order.If the rings on the lens mount and

the zoom no scuffs, that's when the terminals all right.Necessarily it is necessary to find out whether the camera in for repair give up.If the model is repaired, in principle, nothing terrible, but there is no is no guarantee that it repaired by professionals, and to understand how to disassemble the lens on the first day of its purchase is not a good prospect.

# 3

There are quite a simple way to check for damage to the lens.It is necessary to bring to light the lens (close to the lamp), in case of there the villi, bubbles or dust, this lens is not worth taking.For best effect is to look at the defects at an angle that was a dark background behind the lens, if the above conditions are very small, then it is permissible, it is possible to buy.The presence of scratches and bubbles on the front of the lens, in fact, will not affect the picture quality (although the new thing should always be free of damage), but if they (defects) are located on the rear of the lens - this is unacceptable.In order to know how to choose a lens, it is necessary to understand its mechanics and operation model.

# 4

When operating the camera focus ring and zoom (approximation) are obliged to move slowly, without sudden movements.At the direction of the lens in the vertical direction of the optical unit (it will move) should not move due to gravity.Bayonet, in turn, the installation is required to sit firmly on the camera.Needless should be checked at the point of purchase you remove the lens, how to use the model, and to learn its special features.Because instructions for such models do not always reveal all its features.

# 5

If there is an opportunity to experiment with a model before buying, you need to check how autofocus works (both in automatic and manual modes).If the lens is sold separately from the camera, it should test it on it.There are times when they just do not dock, and as a result, when the error is.And of course the most important thing - do more test shots under different circumstances.