How to unlock the washing machine ?

How to unlock the washing machine ?
You will need:
  • instruction to a washing machine
  • Patience
  • Service on home appliances repair
# 1

from unforeseen situations when using household appliances no one is immune.Moreover, even under the most careful handling devices they still are in some point break down - because no one gave them a guarantee of eternal trouble-free operation.Most importantly, if this happens - do not panic and try to find a way out.Especially since the malfunction art does not always mean its breakage.

# 2

fact, any owner, not having knowledge of mechanics and other physics able to drive to a screeching halt a situation where, for example, we need to understand how to unblock the washing machine.Despite all efforts, the door can not be, and remains closed.Before you try to break it (because it is useless), it does not prevent the user manual carefully review the enclosed report - however, it should have done more before the first launch of a new machine.

# 3

Generally, usually is sometimes the cas

e with the technique of front-loading.To avoid this, it was necessary at the time to think about this option, how to choose a "vertical" the washing machine.However, when the choice is made for a long time, regret buying useless - it is necessary to do something.What is it, tell manual.It is possible to read, for example, that the door remains locked even after a few minutes of washing.If it is, you should just wait.

# 4

When it is not the end of the cycle, and the need to open the door, it is not necessary to take such drastic measures, how to remove stains washing machine, no special knowledge is unlikely to succeed.In the case of interrupting the set before the wash mode can be enough to press "Start" button.Many models and the program is interrupted, and after a while will be able to open the hatch.

# 5

If this does not work, you will need to perform actions such as start the washing machine on a part-wash cycle, that is, select the mode that includes only spin and drain.After the program ends, the door should open.Sometimes hatch lock may be caused by such a cause as a sudden power outage.Unfortunately, it's Russian realities.To get out of this situation, you will need to pull the plug from the socket of the machine.

# 6

When all such efforts are futile, can really be a question of damage to the equipment: for example, the failure of the hatch locking device.Do not try to replace it yourself - better to call the master.It will help to cope with other challenges - in particular, how to build a washing machine.Generally, it is advisable to always have handy phone service departments in case of emergencies.