how to remove untrusted connection

how to remove untrusted connection
You will need:
  • update Mozilla version installed on
  • computer to add a web page as an exception
  • check the date and time setting on your computer
# 1

How to remove untrustedConnect to Mozilla?Mozilla Firefox - one of the most fast and comfortable browser.Pages load quickly enough, and the only limitation may be only the connection speed from the ISP.But there are some unpleasant moments.So, when trying to open the next page, you can suddenly see a screen that says that this connection is untrusted, and the browser can not guarantee its security.

# 2

Before figuring out how to remove an untrusted connection, you need to understand, which is why this situation arises.The website is considered safe if it has a root certificate issued by a Certification Authority.But recently, there was the practice of the generation of secondary documents of this kind - the so-called self-signed.Firefox creators are fighting with such "wrong" certificates do not guarantee that their holders are not harm


# 3

However, the unreliability of the message may be erroneous.Mozilla and the desired site had to "agree", and installed on the user's browser on this computer "knows".Corrected this is not the way to delete a network connection, but much easier.If your PC is running an older version of Firefox, it is sometimes enough to update it to the most relevant.It is possible that it is already the site certificate will be included in the trust and open it will be possible.

# 4

If this does not solve the problem, and the "forbidden" site desperately needed, it is worth pondering.But it is not about how to configure a connection to a "computer-to-computer", the more that it is not useful in this situation.When the security web page there is no doubt, you can simply add it to the list of exceptions.This is done in several ways.The easiest - in the window of "no confidence" push "I understand the risk," and then - "Add exception", then - "View".

# 5

Another method - directly through Firefox.It's not about how to remove Connect Windows 7, and on the settings.In the upper browser menu click "Tools", and they "Settings".In the box - "Extra" there - "Encryption" and "View Certificates", the "Servers", then "Add Exception".Sometimes the problem is different: the site has received the required document, and browsers still was not "dragged".Then you need to go to the page of the desired certification center, download folder with its new certificate, and install the necessary razarhivivrovat.

# 6

While it may be that problem solved quite simply - is akin to how to set up ftp connection.The message from Firefox may be the date at which the "suspicious" web page is worthy of trust.If this day has already passed, and Mozilla continues to swear by the desired site worth checking the date and time on your computer.It is possible that they are configured properly.And it would be necessary to ask yourself the question: do we need a page that does not trust the creator of the browser?Or it should be with great trepidation relate to the security of your PC?