How do I set the clock touch smartphone ?

How do I set the clock touch smartphone ?
You will need:
  • Instructions phone
  • Finding the icon "Settings"
  • Select time zone
# 1

Touch phone - a great thing, which is now very popular.When buying a new smartphone, as a rule, the initial task - to quickly learn how to use, familiar with all the functions.The first thing to do - is to visit the settings and read the instructions that came with the phone on how to configure the sensor clock or set the date.No need to think about how to fix touch phone, if the date and time set incorrectly.This testifies not to crash, and that the phone was not yet in use.So do not be upset, we can cope with this task alone.

# 2

Due to the variety of operating systems for smartphones, and the setting of time and date will be slightly different.The most popular platform - that's Android, iOS, Windows Mobile Phone.Less popular BlackBerry and MeeGo.However, there are general rules on how to configure the touchpad to the clock displayed on the main menu.The first thing to find - it's "Settings" icon.

As a rule, it is on all platforms look the same - in the form of gear.Next, press the icon and a menu will appear.Leafing through down, there should be a tab "Date and Time".

# 3

In input fields, you can specify the time zone, enter the exact date and time, choose the format in which to display the time.There are two ways to display the time - twelve hours, and the format that displays the time in twenty-four hours.In order to select the correct time zone, select a city enough, which is closer geographically.When you select the date and time, the data entry field appears automatically, so the problems should arise.If the clock on the monitor are not clear, the instructions to your smartphone, you can find how to make touch screen brighter.In other words, set the time and date on your phone, it's definitely easier task than how to make a simple phone touch.