How to use the walkie-talkie or radio regulations

How to use the walkie-talkie or radio regulations
You will need:
  • device radio (walkie-talkie) - min.2 pieces
  • comrades or colleagues - min.1 person
# 1

Communication with the radio today - is an essential element of the work of a number of services and service companies.Taxis, security, collection, warehouse logistics, hiking, ski resorts, construction sites, and many other business processes, which introduced the constant communication between employees by means of radio communication.Unfortunately, newcomers do not always give clear instructions on how to use the radio.

# 2

Before using the radio a certain group of people selected two frequencies.The first begins to broadcast.If it so happened that in this frequency invaded by strangers, then all without interruption, switch their device to the second and further work on it until the next instruction from the main.To learn how to configure the antenna for the radio to the desired frequency, it is written in the manual or in the operating manual of the wireless device.

# 3

In the radio to communicate constantly using only a few buttons.PTT (Push to talk) - "push to talk", the main of them.When pressed, the speaker can hear everyone who is on this frequency range of the transmitter.There is a button "Noise Reduction" - it is useful in that it prevents the penetration of outside noise in the receiver's speaker.But if the connection is bad, this key action is switched off, as running radio is already weak.

# 4

Another important button - "Call".It sends an audio signal to all receivers in a given frequency range.Ring tone can be changed, then the sound of a dial tone with this radio will be different from all the others.Radio frequency can not be protected from listening to - better encrypting sensitive information.Using ether easy to track, so for business there is nothing better, how to register in the radio service in the field of mass communications supervisors.

# 5

Depending on the conditions of use and destination radio group negotiates the release of a connection with a certain time interval.If someone missed his start to look for.It is important to monitor the battery charge because the radio takes more than an hour of time.Start the communication needs with a personal call sign and immediately call the call the person with whom to deal.Then the rest will not interfere in the dialogue.

# 6

every sentence should end with the word "reception".Adopted by asking: "How hear Reception?." End of conversation you need to complete the phrase "end of communication" or "Escala" and wait for a response confirmation.Many in the beginning of any conversation, press the "Call" and the second is expected to make sure that the signal is passed.These rules are not complicated and easy to get into the habit, but is allowed to be polite to the frequency.