How to tune the antenna to the radio : practical tips

How to tune the antenna to the radio : practical tips
You will need:
  • The radio
  • SWR
# 1

Antenna Tuning in radio - is the primary task for the use of radio communication devices.By tuning the antenna adjustment means standing wave ratio.Specially designed for this purpose SWR meter.With this unit will have to make friends before you adjust the antenna for the radio.

# 2

SWR are different.They differ in frequency bands - it is necessary to correlate with a BH radio.Even with this unit, you can measure the output power of the radio device, as specified by the manufacturer often does not correspond to reality.That is, by adjusting the antenna, using the SWR meter can also check how the radio works.

# 3

It is necessary to connect the SWR meter in series with the radio and the antenna and to reset the data on the display.If the mechanical sensor - to put the arrow in the "0" position.Connect to the mains.Press the transmission button on the radio.At this point, the testimony of the sensor or the display SWR meter jump and show the actual

value of the standing wave ratio.If the index from 1.1 to 1.3 units - no further action is required - radio will work perfectly, and it's time to think about how to register the radio.

# 4

In case, if the latching SWR is above 1.3 - will have to question the serviceability check wire antenna or transmitter antenna.It is necessary to choose a location for the antenna and tune to the grid C. Determine the working channels and continue to the setting in between.Focusing on the quality of transmission (power luminescence diode indicators), adjust the height of the antenna, pushing its telescopic parts.Getting set up the antenna, pay attention to the amount of charge in its battery, as charge the radio when the antenna configuration is problematic.

# 5

To protect yourself from unnecessary settings, buy an antenna with a pin in the coil.So there is a possibility that the antenna has set up on the grid C. In either case, setting the grid must be carried out, as the use of portable radio with antenna tuned not dangerous: it may be damaged or lost cascade of transmitter output power.Completing the tuning of the antenna should be when the transceiver is located about 160 meters from the antenna, and the audibility of conversation with such a device - excellent.