How to clear browser : response

How to clear browser : response
You will need:
  • computer
  • cord USB
  • software
# 1

Now almost no one motorist is not without navigator.It can help you not only to pave the way from point A to point B, but also because of the index caps to pave the fastest way.But sometimes it becomes necessary to clear the browser memory from the old addresses, or even delete everything in it.It is about how to clear browser, and will be discussed further.To do this, you must turn it on.After that, go to the main menu and look for the address list.Most likely, somewhere there is a point of "function" and "clear list".You can completely reformat the memory by changing the browser software.

# 2

Sometimes you need to download any information from the navigator to the computer and vice versa.And further on how to synchronize the browser.For this first USB cable need to be supplied in the kit.In addition to the cable you need to install special software on your computer.He also shall be delivered together with the device a pleasure it can

be downloaded from the official website of the company.When the software is installed and the power cord is connected, you can one-click to synchronize devices, and then perform the necessary actions.

# 3

If you want the browser version is described below how to find navigator version.To do this, remove the back cover and the battery of the device, if possible.version of this device will be written under it.The most common version is written directly on the front side of the housing.The following describes how to make a tablet of the navigator.

# 4

This will require a tablet computer and software, ie the card.In order to use the tablet as a navigator you need to download and install it on the map.To do this, perfectly suited Navitel maps Yandex and Google.After installing the software you can use it as a regular browser, but with some additional features.And then for beginners will learn how to specify the path in the navigator.

# 5

for a route from a person just need to just specify the point of arrival, after which the navigator independently calculate and pave the way best option.In addition, you can save frequently used routes in order to avoid wasting time on a route in the future.These routes will be available in the menu stored and run on a clique.This may be a way to home, to work, to the parents or to the garden.This saving will be useful for the cards can see traffic jams and congestion on the roads and are able to lay a new route to overeat congestion to follow the old points.