How to connect the scanner to a laptop ?

How to connect the scanner to a laptop ?
You will need:
  • Laptop
  • Scanner
  • Home network
# 1

To connect the scanner to your laptop need the most ordinary USB cable.As a rule, it is supplied.Nevertheless, it is possible to use any other USB-cable.One end is connected to the rear panel of the scanner, the other - to the special connector on your computer.It is necessary to turn it on and wait for some time until Windows will automatically detect it.

# 2

How to use the scanner canon?The kit with canon scanner includes a CD with software and drivers, user's guide.Scanners canon is extremely easy to use.Owner canon scanner can enjoy the following features: copy the material, ie, scan and print;..simply scan;scan, save to PDF;scan and then send by e-mail.

# 3

To choose a scanner for the home, you need to take into account the many characteristics such as resolution, color (its depth), dynamic range, interface, driver, foot scanner unit and its software.Citing examples, it should be noted that Canon's scanners are an excellent

job with their work, with the different price and a small variety of functions.

# 4

To make the network scanner, you can use the application RemoteScan 5. To do this, you need to download this program at the following address: http: // / node / 6585 /, then install it on each computer on the network.Accordingly, on the PC, the scanner is connected - the server version, and other personal computers to which you want to connect a scanner over the network - the client version.

# 5

To install the scanner without having to drive, you must connect to the mains cable from the scanner, usb-cable from the scanner connected to a computer's USB port, and also download the driver from the manufacturer's website.In this case, it refers to the lack of drive in your computer, loss of a driver disk from the scanner or connect to the netbook.It should be noted that the USB cable is included with the scanner, and the driver can be downloaded free of charge.