How to go to the router settings: Log on to the home page of the router

How to go to the router settings: Log on to the home page of the router
You will need:
  • computer and its components
  • router
  • installation disc (Setup Wizard)
  • browser
# 1

Typically, when a person hasfaced with the fact that to make a choice between one or another provider.To give priority to the quality of services in line with the smooth operation.Since there are not only responsible manufacturers, partners, but there are so-called "irresponsible" providers in the country.For that reputation is not so important.In great demand in our time enjoys universal router F @ ST 2804, which is fully organized in an office or home network easy access to the Internet.

# 2

During his tenure, promotion, and it has established itself on the positive side.This router free features such as: - Broadband on the TV or the PC Wireless Broadband Internet (Wi-Fi access with permission) - SIP telephony (connection is made via an external storage device or another device SIPtelefon) - IP TV (connection is possible under the conditionthe presence of a digital decoder); House or

in the office, where there is one or more computers, you can use it to organize a simultaneous connection to the Internet.

# 3

He's for it and designed.The main characteristics are as follows: Connect the USB drive.Backup via GSM / CDMAPodderzhka interactive television.Sharing USB printer.Built DLNAserverWi-Fi (2.1 b / g / n) ADSL2 + / FTTBPoetomu having such a universal modem F @ ST 2804 at home or at work, to rotate in the social networks of the Internet, or seek to offer some information and services that can bewith great pleasure.Many people believe that in order to configure the router requires some special knowledge.

# 4

But it is not so.Often the advertisements there are such services as assistance in setting up any programs and the Internet.Set up and connect it you can own, it does not have to pay any extra paid services.Connecting and Configuring the router is usually done with the help of the enclosed installation CD to the Configuration Wizard, which is included in the kit.To do this, insert the installation CD into the CD drive and follow the instructions.

# 5

This wizard will help you to carry out smooth and correct connection of the universal router and automatically connect to the Internet.In operation, the Setup Wizard is constantly updating your modem software, without such action the router will not be able to provide the services of the operator in the right amount, and may in some cases not work properly.Therefore, whatever use the Setup Wizard software is desirable.

# 6

How to enter the router's settings without the installation disc?- To do this, connect the router to the computer via the cable network View settings of the router through the existing brauzer- Enter the IP address of the router (you can see in the accompanying instructions) in the address bar of the search engine.- After that, you must enter the required username and password.Normally, if you do not change the parameters previously, they remain the same everywhere: login - admin, password - admin;login - admin, password - leave blank;login - Admin (definitely a capital letter), the field password - should be left blank.

# 7

Thus, if a user name and password are entered correctly, then immediately jumps to the main page of the router, in which all the required settings are made.To use the Wi-Fi router is a versatile device is already configured.To configure this device, all the necessary data are available to him on the rear side of the unit labels.(You can see the WPA key and SSID).And in the future to follow the accompanying instructions.