How to insert a memory card ?

How to insert a memory card ?
You will need:
  • Suede cloth
  • Tweezers
  • Memory Card
# 1

Technological progress moves at a rate increasing by geometric progression.Even in the twentieth century, 8 gigabytes of information were littered with room-to-ceiling diskettes.Now these are placed on the 8 GB memory card, which is smaller than a fingernail.Information carriers are very sensitive, and success depends on the correct way to insert the memory card.

# 2

You must first remove the old memory card.It is necessary to take a pair of tweezers, open the memory card slot, press the forceps on the memory card to a faint click, then pull the flash drive itself.Before you replace the memory card, it is necessary to check the purity of the nest, blow it for the prevention of dust, to examine whether it is damaged mechanically.

# 3

If you remove the old memory card failed, then in any case do not try to pull it by force.It can only damage the socket.Also, do not insert a new memory card, if visible damage in the nest, ruste

d or oxidized contacts.After all, you can lose important information, and there is nothing more difficult than how to repair sd memory card.

# 4

In all these cases it is strongly recommended to see a specialist.If the flash drive is removed successfully, the socket is not damaged, you can insert a new one.In a similar way, a pair of tweezers to insert the memory card, we press on it until it clicks easy.Then close the slot cover - it protects against water and dust.

# 5

If the device can work with several memory cards, they may conflict with each other because of the same name.To rename a memory card in this case?This operation can be done by formatting the memory card.window will open "File System", "Volume", "Cluster Size" and "Volume Label."It was in the latter, and you want to specify a new name for the stick.

# 6

How to remove password memory card if the memory card has been found, or bought with it?It also helps only a full format.In addition, the formatting completely remove the data from the memory card, not excluding the possible viruses and malware.