How to insert a SIM card into the Samsung Galaxy S3?

How to insert a SIM card into the Samsung Galaxy S3?
You will need:
  • scissors
  • line
  • stationery knife
  • protractor
# 1

To deal with this issue you must understand that now used in modern smartphones special waycalled microsim card.Therefore, many owners bringing home phone and trying to insert the usual standard simkarty do not understand why the phone does not work and tormented by the question, how to insert sim card in the Samsung galaxy s3.To solve this problem did not need to have any special technical knowledge, just enough patience, a little instruction and a sharp knife stationery.Before starting work, you must define the old or the new type electronic chip on simkarty as if simkarty phone holder with an old chip, it will not help the manipulation described below.

# 2

Define it's very easy if simkarty was purchased after 2010, then it is quite possible to make microsimcard.Before you start to trim unwanted edges of the map, refer to the Internet.To this should be studied should look like microsim map - but it is usually just ov

er 1 millimeter on each side of the chip.Using a pencil and ruler on the SIM card you must withdraw from the chip where a 1 millimeter and to draw some kind of a rectangle with one corner cut off.After the route is lined was necessary to take a pair of scissors or a stationery knife and cut off the top part of the future microsim card, this should be done very carefully so that you do not accidentally damage the chip on the card.The same attention should be paid to the fact that the cut-off line should be perfectly flat.

# 3

Since any carelessness can damage the SIM card.Then, it is necessary to cut off the right side of the card, it is usually the biggest and it is the card number.All the cut line must be parallel to the internal chip located on the SIM card.Then cut the left side simkarty - this is the most delicate part of the segments, so here it is better to use stationery with a knife, not scissors.By the way, in any case should not be used for nail scissors with rounded edges, as this will cause the crop lines will not be smooth, and as a consequence simkarty will not work.The latest step is to cut the bottom line of a chip and make it to the cut.

# 4

First we need to cut off the lower part of simkarty - The result should be a rectangle measuring less than was once simkarty.Now you need to cut the bottom right corner, for it is better to use a protractor and pencil to note the angle of about 45 degrees, and then use a knife and a ruler of office cut it.In principle, all the work is completed.Now you only have to insert the SIM card into the phone, it is necessary only to remove the back panel cover from the smartphone Samsung galaxy sIII and gently insert the resulting simkarty hole for microsimkart.Then you need to turn on your phone.

# 5

these methods does not guarantee that, after the done manipulations purchased phone will work, besides, no one can give an absolute guarantee that the crop simkarty not result in damage to your phone.So, how to insert a SIM card into the Samsung galaxy s3?To this did not result in damage to the unit?To do this, go to any mobile shop, where you will be for a nominal fee for the right size will shorten the existing simkarty.It is best to do it at once when you buy the phone - in this case, any fault in the phone.Cause clipping simkarty can be attributed to the wine seller

# 6

But best not tormented and do not spend the extra money and for free in the cabin cellular operator, Simcoe which enjoys the happy owner of the smartphone Samsung galaxy s3 order a duplicate SIM cardin the amount of micro.This procedure is completely free and does not require any additional time and costs.All you need to phone the owner, so it is to write a statement in which you must specify that the necessary micro sim card.And also when you buy a new card, for example, if the phone was bought as a gift, you can immediately order a set of cards, which will include a micro sim sim and standard size for regular phones.