How to undelete software on a Windows computer?

You will need:
  • not rush
  • Check shopping cart
  • Programme for Recovery
  • Software for photographer
  • program from one file
  • Restore checkpoint
# 1

When this situation occurs, you should stop by the time all activity on the computer.Recovering lost, perhaps in most cases.The point is how the information storage disk and how it is removed.Files stored in the medium free space, often while they are broken into pieces extent."Knows" an operating system on it, since all the information is recorded in a special file allocation table.Now these places are considered empty and suitable for recording another file.While the record did not happen, it is quite possible to recover the data.

# 2

staffing two-stage removal of information: in the shopping cart, which can later be purified, is designed to prevent data loss.If this method was used, the trouble can not be.Even if there is a question: "How to Recover Deleted program on your computer" if you just moved to the Trash folder where programs a

re stored, recovery easy.The Trash folder find the files to restore, select them and from the context menu (right click on the object), select "restore".To quickly find what you need in the basket, is to organize the icons of files and folders by name, size or date of the removal - depending on what is known.By the way, since the basket, although the system, but all the same folder, the desired object can simply drag the mouse to the desired folder.

# 3

file is too large to be placed in the Recycle Bin, deleted irrevocably.Or Cart carefully cleared of contents.What to do?If the operating system has not had time to write to a disk sector, which she now considers empty, new files, all is not lost.But it will have to use special software: Windows tools can not do.Programs such quite a lot of paid and distributed freely.For example, Recuva - a popular compact and fast software.Set (not on the disk, that will check on the other!), Specify the search parameters, and check the result, all that is required from the user.Partially restored highlighted.

# 4

For designers, photographers, a lot of work with memory cards for storing image information, has developed a special software designed to restore it.Such utilities are the disk or specified folders, searching for deleted photos.Specialized allows us to achieve a good performance in the search.Before restoring, you can view photos found both individually and in slideshow mode to select the desired.Programs such as the a lot with a free license, and paid.

# 5

With programs the situation is somewhat more complicated.The fact that, for example, MS Word, it is actually set of programs, routines, service files, libraries, and so on. E. Restore Therefore this "monster" easy.On the other hand, there are a lot of programs that consist of a single file.They even do not always require the installation, starting, for example, from a USB drive or any other media.How to restore the remote program-baby?If lost this program that restored it in the above manner.

# 6

A full-fledged program installed with the distribution, registers itself in different locations, primarily in the system registry.Removing accompanied by a change of the write and erase information in the file allocation table.Shopping in the process does not involved and there is no use to look for.But how to restore a remote program on a computer, and I make this possible?It is necessary to run the program "System Restore" ( "Accessories" - "System Tools" - "System Restore")."Restore to an earlier" should be selected in the program window.The date must be specified to remove the program.But all will be gone, the set later.

# 7

often have to recover files?It is worth thinking about special programs that prevent the appearance of problems.For example, using the product from Norton - a special secure shopping cart, replacing the standard Recycle Bin Windows.Through settings, capacious basket Norton keeps deleted files for a long time.In the Norton, moreover, have Norton Utilites product to recover deleted e-mail messages.A special tool is and to solve the problem "how to restore the software on your computer."Pack an extra charge, but the data is often more expensive.

# 8

user error, system failure or virus attack - much can result in a loss of information.The question "How to recover deleted program files?" Is relevant due to the nature of work - should be concerned by the presence of backup systems, many times reduces the risk of damage caused by the missing data.The lost information is easily restored from the backup repository.