How to configure and turn on the microphone in a laptop ?

How to configure and turn on the microphone in a laptop ?
You will need:
  • laptop instead of a karaoke center
  • Sound Source Sound Card
  • Microphone setup Microphone
  • external
  • Karaoke format.kar
# 1

music center with a good sound and the function of "Karaoke", of course, the best.But the laptop - not a bad way out to engage in musical exercises.Formally speaking, all you need is already in a modern laptop: built-in speakers, microphone in the housing, the sound card (usually integrated).If karaoke with video, it is great to be displayed on the monitor.

# 2

How to configure the microphone on the laptop to get everything working as it should?We must start with the needs: it is necessary to sing to themselves or to the public?To listen is to strengthen the collective sound - get good speakers, the power of which depends on the target premises.For a room of 15-20 square meters.meters is enough for 3 watt speakers.If, however, "he sing - he listen" enough and headset with microphone.The preferred if the device is equipped with long wires

- for optimal positioning.It assumed greater mobility, work without a mains connection?Then let the power supplied to the speakers via the USB port.

# 3

integrated sound card should provide a basic, minimum requirements.It is necessary to find out whether there is the possibility to install a more powerful charge.Notebook - a compact device, and this option may not be available.But you can buy an external sound card!Connect it via USB, FireWire, or via the ExpressCard.Sound card with USB-interface is similar to a medium-sized stick, food takes a laptop to meet the requirement of mobility.But the possibility of her solid: Models have medium price levels provide a multi-channel flow 5.1.For karaoke, even too much, but it is useful when playing back recorded movies in the system 5.1.This same system to adapt the modern game - the purchase of this card will be popular!

# 4

Built-in microphone may not respond to that sound.Or the sound level may be acceptable, for example, it is very quiet.How do I turn the microphone on a laptop?It is necessary to pay a visit to the "Control Panel", there under "Sounds and Audio Devices" in the "Audio" click "Record Volume".If there is a tick in front of the microphone - it is necessary to put and adjust the level of the microphone signal.If the microphone is technically defective, it will work.If you have a built-in and external microphones have to choose which to take a signal.But how to set up a microphone in the laptop?There is insufficient system capacity, it is necessary to use the utility.For example, "Manager RealtekĀ».They tuned noise reduction, echo cancellation, the distance to the microphone, and more.

# 5

have built-in microphones are many limitations due to the design of the laptop.He does not respond to technical coolers noise, blows to the body.For Skype will approach, but whether it will be suitable for music - you should check.If the device is a built-in check for suitability has not passed, you can buy a microphone separately.The store offers dynamic microphones and electronic.First you need a good amplifier (sound card).The electronic amplifier is built-in microphone.In addition, look at the radio microphone.Wireless option gives a bit more freedom.The distance over which wireless microphone works, depending on the model, but room enough for sure.

# 6

But the file types that fall under the name of "karaoke", quite a lot.How to set up a karaoke on a laptop to all of its forms reproduced?The simplest case - file formats.and kar.mid (midi).The difference between them in the presence of a line of text (. Kar), synchronized with sound.It happens that the computer plays music mp3, no problems with video accompaniment as well.kar played without a signal from the speakers.Firstly, it is necessary to install a special player for the format.kar.In it, by the way, are governed by the tempo and pitch of the sound.Secondly, to revert to the sound settings.You can just make a right click on the audio indakatore in the tray and select "Open Volume Control".This format is based on a built-in synthesizer - its volume adjustment solves the problem.

# 7

You can use the "minus" for the soundtrack, but the words have to memorize.Although, if you try and solve this issue.The easiest way to download a soundtrack to mp3, to prepare the text in electronic form, and insert in the file properties.Player jetAudio perfectly displays the words in a separate window.Who likes to sculpt their product, uses the program MiniLyrics, it allows you to karaoke with running line.

# 8

Online services allow even collect your own collection of songs for the karaoke: The site contains a huge number of songs.they are broken down by style, language, there is a search by various parameters.As a rule, the sound is good, there is a thematic video support, a creeping line.Many people want to test their vocal talents before his debut in the company - you can record the results online or set the option "karaoke with points."Once upon a time Recording Studio proposes the creation of an audio message: a record and send it by mail as a living hello.You can karaoke online to get the same file and to please close masterpiece.

# 9

can not sing in a narrow range, and connect a large external monitor, TV or projector, and knowing how to set up a karaoke on a laptop, organize theme parties.Guests feast, karaoke contests, what else is needed for a good mood!Most importantly, a simple laptop with a microphone and speakers is no longer a tool for individual lessons.This powerful device combines a compact whole teams!