How do sports right?

How do sports right?
You will need:
  • Reasonableness
  • Perseverance
  • operability
  • Patience
# 1

correctly distribute the load.You're not a professional athlete to clock bully your body.There is a very correct phrase that describes the whole situation with sports: "You want to be a professional athlete - forget about health.You want to be healthy - do exercises. "And she could not be sure!Make a schedule of exercises and preparing it for a moment forget that you're Superman, after all, you are no one to compete only with themselves, and on the map you have your future health.

# 2

important role in sports plays and load frequency.And it should also be taken into account when scheduling.You can try once lift 100 pound barbell or 100 times to raise considerably more light weight - your muscles that does not help, why and fanaticism in the frequency of sessions should be avoided.

# 3

properly relax after class.From this, much depends, unfortunately, many of these neglected.At the same time, let it be known

, after the sports professional athletes are always waiting for hour massage and gatherings in the sauna, and then - water relaxation in the Jacuzzi.Just giving your muscles proper rest, you can use your body as efficiently as possible.

# 4

Always warm up before exercise!This prevents ruptures and muscle injuries, sprains and even fractures.Warm-up - it is half the battle and a half of training.In no case should not exercise, neglecting this important part of your workout.

# 5

Proper nutrition also plays an important role in sports.Muscles should receive the necessary proteins and amino acids, which are necessary for their growth and efficient operation.A healthy portion of potassium strengthens the bone and eliminate the possibility of fracture, reducing it to a minimum, and the exhausted training the body requires a sufficient amount of water or fresh juice with vitamins, to correct dehydration.

# 6

Following the instructions, you will play sports effectively and properly.Good luck to you in your sporting achievements!