Step aerobics : exercise

Step aerobics : exercise
You will need:
  • Platform
  • 2 cups of water
  • Wide gum
# 1

Step aerobics - a wonderful tool that will help burn calories and elevate mood.Duration - 45-50 minutes, with burns about 400 calories.Naturally, this is not an exact figure, it all depends on the intensity of training.To increase the intensity is better to use a high platform.The first lesson should last about 20 minutes, then gradually increase the duration.

# 2

During classes sweating increases significantly, so before training you need to drink 2 cups of water.Before you get started, you need to take the correct posture: to lift his head high, shoulders lowered and the abdomen, back and buttocks strain.

# 3

Program step aerobics begins with a warm-up.It can be a simple step, but it is right to keep the posture.Hands thus omitted foot should be at a distance from each other at a distance of 10 centimeters.Stepping need on-site, with slightly bent knees to walk Springs.This workout also helps to strengthen the calf muscle

s and thighs.This exercise can be made more complex if put on the hip a special wide rubber band, the lower it is, the harder it is to take steps.

# 4

After warm-up, proceed to the exercises.One of the first can be done step-touch.It addl step that is carried out without a platform.The legs bend at the knees and execute springy steps to the side.Gradually increase the tempo, and the steps are performed without interruption from the floor, slide.Do not forget about your hands, with every step forward they need to raise.This exercise is performed about 5-6 minutes.The second exercise - steps of lap, well done without a platform.Performs moving or springy steps as desired.Making Extra-two steps, and the third - the heel to buttock pull.

# 5

third exercise - step-up.Importantly, step aerobics, exercises that are intense, and includes activities such as step-up, it helps to relax the muscles and prepare before the next load.The next exercise - take a step the right foot on the platform, tightens and straining stomach, leans forward, then change legs.

# 6

Exercise step-back.Right leg set to STEP, and the left is the back, straining muscles of the buttocks.Change legs.Exercises for step aerobics a lot, other than those described above, are considered popular step-kick, step-Kel, a BASIC-over, wi-step, mambo and others.