How to choose a sport to make a beautiful figure ?

How to choose a sport to make a beautiful figure ?
You will need:
  • Commitment
  • Patience
  • Cash
  • Good mood
# 1

Concepts such as "fitness", "aerobics" and "shaping" many believesynonymous.But it is not so.Try to understand what is the difference.Aerobics - a kind of physical activity, at which enhanced ventilation.In our time, the word "aerobics" is commonly understood as a set of exercises performed to rhythmic music.Normally class lasts about an hour and includes a warm-up, which is preparing to more complex exercises, the main unit and stretching exercises.Aerobics helps strengthen the body as a whole and maintain muscle tone.

# 2

Fitness refers to the separation of exercises for different muscles: the first day of train one muscle group, the second day of another, etc. In order to achieve the desired result, to engage in should be regularly and, in addition, to comply with a certain diet...

# 3

Shaping (English «shape» -. Form) means a set of exercises to acquire and maintain the desired shape, the impact on the problem areas

and correct deficiencies figures.It includes both the gymnastic, breathing and exercises dance.

# 4

Walking - is also an excellent tool for getting rid of excess weight and cellulite.It strengthens the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, is available both indoors and outdoors.It can be alternated with other exercises the muscle groups, thus achieving the desired result.

# 5

Depending on the season are available a lot of sports.For example, tennis and badminton strengthen the cardiovascular system, improve posture.Biking strengthens the muscles of the back, hips, legs and presses, roller skating improves posture, develops coordination, strengthens the leg muscles and the cardiovascular system.One of the most accessible sports is running.In winter you can ski and skate (also develop leg muscles and coordination).But these sports are good as an additional burden, since there are not all the muscle groups.

# 6

Dancing is also an effective tool for keeping yourself in shape.However, keep in mind that one or two classes you would not give something, you need to dance regularly.

# 7

Yoga - a certain philosophy and constant work on oneself, in this case, are not allowed alcohol, drugs and smoking.You will need an experienced instructor, otherwise you can not only get the benefit of employment, but also hurt yourself.

# 8

Thus, the final choice is yours.There are many kinds of sports, and if you have set a specific goal (to improve the shape for the summer, to pump any muscle group, or as a whole to change your lifestyle to a healthier), be sure to select the most suitable for you.Be healthy and beautiful!