Callanetics at home

Callanetics at home
You will need:
  • gymnastic mat
  • Good mood
  • Patience Perseverance
# 1

First of all, that is Callanetics.Callanetics - a relaxing exercises, which emphasizes statichekoe voltage.Having the right attitude must be kept there a certain time.First, be sure to see a doctor.This is very important, if in the past you have had an injury, if you are over fifty years old.Although classes Callanetics have virtually no contraindications.

# 2

So, if you have visited a doctor, you need to purchase a disc and a book with exercises.Restore your confidence and you can start training.At the initial stage of training, do not chase the coach on the screen, do the exercise duration and number of repetitions as much as your physical condition allows.Gradually increase the load.

# 3

Callanetics at home does not make any difficulties, if you have enough will power for daily workouts.Perform the exercise every day is necessary.Otherwise, from them there will be no result.If you can not do all the exercis

es at once, follow a few out of each set of exercises.Exercise should be varied, to exercise all muscle groups without exception.Each time before each set of exercises be sure to warm up.It is necessary to warm up the muscles and make them more amenable to training.In addition to the main program, there is a small complex consisting of just a few exercises.Perform these exercises every day at a convenient time for you and anywhere.

# 4

Callanetics Classes require compliance with certain rules yet.Try not to hold your breath while you are exercising.Breathe quietly and smoothly.In no case do not make jerky movements.Stretch muscles gently, slowly, but with some effort.Drag them until you feel tension.Hold the posture adopted for so long, how long you can sustain.It is also very important to follow the proper balanced diet.This means that you need to eat regularly and in an amount that meets your energy needs.The food should contain necessary set of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins.