How to start jogging ?

How to start jogging ?
You will need:
  • surveys of their health
  • doctor recommendations
  • Desire
  • Leisure
  • corresponding equipment
# 1

before the training, you should be examined by your healthat the doctor's.Before you start jogging, you should get individual advice of a doctor and stick to them.Your arms should be relaxed and bent at the elbows.Also it is necessary to relax the upper body and face muscles.Otherwise, the shoulder belt is held down, which will lead to increased cost of energy and shortness of breath.During the run it is necessary to check the condition of the shoulder girdle, for it is necessary to periodically shake the tassels.The body must be kept running at a slight tilt forward.Breathe freely, do not hold your breath.While driving you can not lower his head, it is necessary to look in front of you - it contributes to proper breathing.Do not engage in running at high temperature (above 25 degrees), as well as frost and strong wind.

# 2

start jogging should be 5-10 minutes a day, and no

more than 2-3 times a week.Once your muscles get stronger, you can increase the duration of employment up to 30 minutes, but gradually, adding every week for classes 5-10 minutes.At the same time should increase the number of workouts to 3 - 4 times a week.The best is jogging at a distance of 4 km per lesson.

# 3

Increase the number and duration of sessions should be gradual.Each person has a period of adaptation to stress is different, it all depends on the body.One will need to do 2 months, another - 1 year, the third - not fit this kind of activity.During training, you must listen to your body.Good health, good sleep and good appetite suggests that you select the correct exercise routine.Fatigue, muscle aches, lethargy says that you need to review your exercise routine.

# 4

Before jogging, you need to decide where you will carry out these activities.For this purpose the most suitable parks and stadiums.If you are in the stadium, where you know the length of the treadmill, you can record in writing the results of their training.After 3-4 months will be able to compare the results of their sporting achievements.A major role in jogging outfit plays.Clothes should not be tight, sewn from natural materials, and must comply with the time of year.In winter, you must be sure to wear a hat.Shoes must be chosen strictly on the size.