How to download the press sitting in a chair ?

How to download the press sitting in a chair ?
You will need:
  • Ordinary chair or stool
  • exercises Knowledge
  • Patience
  • Regular classes
# 1

simple exercises that you can do, not looking up from the main job:sit on a chair right, straighten your back and pull your abdominal muscles strong.Try to keep your abdominal muscles tight for 15-30 seconds, relax.Make several approaches (10-20).This exercise is good because it is invisible to others, and you can do it at any time, several times a day.

# 2

rock press in the chair.We sit on the edge of a chair, rests in his arms outstretched, back straight, stomach in, bend your knees at a right angle.Now, without changing the angle of the knee, alternating legs lift, pulling them to the stomach.It is advisable not to raise the leg too high, the load was just the press, not the legs.Every foot lift 15-20 times.

# 3

following exercise.Sitting on a chair, lean back slightly, leaning on the chair arms, tighten your abdominal muscles.Now lift both legs to form a right angle with your torso.A

t the highest point of the lifting linger and try to hold the feet in the raised position as long as possible.Lower the legs.Raising and lowering the legs do smoothly and slowly.

# 4

Now sit down on a chair so that the back side was.We continue to swing the press, sitting on a chair.Lean back, you can stick to your hands for the seat of the chair.Legs outstretched.Now slowly begin to simultaneously raise the trunk in a sitting position and pull to the chest bent knees.At the same time, lower legs and torso to the starting position.To strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles can be combined with lifting the torso by turning left and right.

# 5

And finally, put a chair in front of a sofa, sit down in the previous exercise so that the rest was on the side (you can take a stool).The legs and pull them hooked on the bottom edge of the sofa.Cast Hands behind your head.Now slowly recline the trunk back to the adoption of a horizontal position, then slowly return back to a sitting position.You can rotate the torso while lifting the left and right, thus you train your obliques.

# 6

During the exercises do not forget about the breath - muscle tension should take place on a breath and relax - as you exhale.All exercises should be repeated 10-20 times depending on your fitness level.