How to learn to play table tennis

How to learn to play table tennis
You will need:
  • Rackets
  • Table tennis ball table tennis
# 1

First you need to deal with the inventory and it features: • table settings for tenniswidth 1,525 m, length 2.74 m, height 76 cm material from which it is made, as a rule, chipboard..Painted may be green, dark blue or black color.• There are also special requirements and rackets.In any part of the racket must be at least 85% of the wood on the working surfaces glued special tires which differ in their characteristics and the rebound surface type (smooth and studded).• Table tennis ball is made of celluloid and has a diameter of 40 mm.

# 2

After preparing the inventory, is acquainted with the rules of the game, they are not the most difficult, but you can get confused and include: • Each lot consists of drawings which, in turn, begin to feed.Determine the first supply by lot.Further alternate feeding every 2 feed.• Under the new rules, the party lasts until one player scores 11 points (according to the old - 21).In case of d

ispute, for example, when the score was 10:10, the players continue to take turns to feed until the lead reaches 2 points.

# 3

1. To supply there is a separate list of rights: • We need to throw the ball into the air so that it is at the time of hitting the racket, was the table above and beyond the end line.• The impact must be made so that the ball hit the first half of the table serving player, and only then crossed the net.• When the ball is feeding into the net, but it flies in the opposite half of the table, declared "perepodacha", and point of course does not count.• After submission, all other strikes must be carried out so that the ball hits only about half of the opponent.

# 4

1. There are two game types: single (one on one) and doubles (2 for 2 players).In the latter case, complicated rules: • The table must be divided lengthwise to form two zones on each half.• When applying you need to hit the ball on the diagonal, that is, the right area of ​​his half of the table and the left half of the table area of ​​the opponent.• After feeding, and fighting off every stroke made by a new player, that is, after the impact, feed changes places with his partner, the batter has the same effect.

# 5

Now you know how to play table tennis.We can say that the most convenient table tennis sport it can be practiced everywhere: at home or at work - does not matter.Required only suitable tools and the company.Start the game can be fast.A good mood, and muscle tone, you are provided.So who still does not know how, learn to play right now.