As a professional engaged in biathlon ?

As a professional engaged in biathlon ?
You will need:
  • money for the purchase of equipment
  • Skiing, Rifle
  • overalls and other clothing
  • Commitment
# 1

In order to become a professional biathlete, you must go tosports school and regularly visit it.Almost all major cities there are organizations.In these schools, children are gaining a certain age from nine years old and above.There are schools that take even fifteen years boys and girls.But only if the coach sees in them the ability to comprehend the sport.

# 2

main criteria in the selection of future athletes is the absence of contraindications for health of the child.To do this, parents must provide the coach and head of school a doctor's certificate, which confirms the positive state of health.

# 3

To biathlon not necessarily have come to the school to have some skills.After all, in order and there is a school to teach everything you need.

# 4

first two years of study in school sports are devoted to skiing and overall physical development.Subsequent years you

ng athletes performed in constant training already together with the coach.At this point, it begins training air rifle shooting.

# 5

If you do not come because of age or other requirements for training in the school, you can do this sport on their own.To do this, you need to purchase and learn to ski to ride on them.The cost of non-professional ski starts from 2000 rubles, but good skiing (for professional skiing) are about 7-8 thousand rubles.For skiing you need to buy a stick (3000 rubles), attachment to shoes and boots themselves (8,000 rubles), coveralls, hat and pair of gloves (4000 rubles).Once you learn how to ski, you need to buy a shotgun or a rifle.The price of such "weapons" starts from 15 thousand rubles.It all depends on the quality of the product and the manufacturer.

# 6

To biathlon professionally, you must not only have the right equipment and certain skills, but also take part in various competitions and tournaments.To find out the time of the biathlon races, enough to appeal to the local sports committee.Good luck!