How to increase endurance while running ?

How to increase endurance while running ?
You will need:
  • Professional Advice
  • Caution
  • Care
  • Endurance
# 1

Before choosing a training program, consult your doctor.Complete survey of the cardiovascular system, to make sure that you do not have contraindications to run.

# 2

not forget about stretching.Warm up before each jog for ten minutes.Pull carefully all the major muscle groups responsible for running - knead the ankles, calves, thighs and glutes.Stretching greatly increases the flexibility and reduces the risk of injury helps to keep fit.

# 3

Develop good posture while jogging.Keep your back straight, look pyarmo, a few meters in front of him.If you look around, turning his head, try not to turn the entire body.

# 4

During the run it is important to keep the shoulders and arms relaxed.Bend your elbows at right angles, hands move freely.Fists do not squeeze.

# 5

Try to put the leg so that the foot contact with the ground is soft and elastic, watch for a roll from heel to toe, repulsive and powerful at the

same time carefully, trying to use all the muscles of the ankle.Keep the toes straight, without turning neither in nor out.

# 6

Breathe deeply and rhythmically, please sign in through your nose and exhale mouth.It is important to saturate the muscles with oxygen.Start jogging in the non-RunFast pace, let the muscles stretch their legs.

# 7

Maintain a constant rhythm, steps should be uniform.Do not accelerate too, run as if you need to hold a conversation at the same time.

# 8

If the muscles are sore or overly tired or you straying breath, slow down or give pause to even reach out again.

# 9

After jogging in a quiet walk or pace pomarshiruyte in place, allowing the heart to return to a normal rhythm.And do not forget to stretch after your workout.Be healthy and beautiful!

To do this need to deal with every day.Run, hold your breath as well as swimming and all this increases endurance.You can use the power of sport to increase endurance.