How better to train on the beach ?

How better to train on the beach ?
You will need:
  • Desire train
  • Good mood
  • Beach
  • Leisure
# 1

running on the wet sand.Wet sand is softer than asphalt, which means that the load on the muscles with less, and the effectiveness of training more.Try to run several kilometers along the beach.Do not forget about the appropriate footwear.

# 2

Running on the sand or dunes.Training on the loose sand suitable even for those who are not accustomed to physical activity.Be careful, do not rush, do not damage the ankle and tendons - the sand leg may accidentally rolled up.

# 3

Swimming.Ocean - this is not a swimming pool, and swimming in it is much more difficult.Therefore, if you are new in this business, it is better not to take chances.Jellyfish and strong currents - the two biggest danger, though rare.Always keep in sight the rescuers.You can take in the company of others, or ask someone of your friends to sit on the beach.

# 4

Push-ups and sit-ups.Perhaps the most simple and effective exercises that you can perform

almost anywhere.Find a desolate place - and more!

# 5

Squats and lunges.Perform them as easy.You can practice barefoot or in shoes, take care only of the form.

# 6

running water.Take off your shoes, choose a location where the water will take you up to the ankles or calves.Check for debris and dirt.This exercise will make you lift your knees higher than normal, and hence the difference is palpable.

# 7

Traditional games - beach volleyball, frisbee or football hands will increase endurance, improve the cardiovascular system and raise the spirits.

# 8

Yoga.On its benefits and have to say it is not necessary.In the morning or in the evening find yourself a secluded place and relax.

# 9

Tips & Warnings: Always use sunscreen, and do not neglect Panama Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV light as you can see, it is not necessary to exert much effort to even stay in shape on vacation.A sea breeze only enhance the performance of all the exercises.