How to cut thick bangs ?

How to cut thick bangs ?
You will need:
  • hairdressing scissors for cutting out
  • Scissors
  • sprayer with water
  • Hair Clips
# 1

Thick bangs - this is a special kind of bangs that to someoneeven very becoming, and someone does not go at all.Therefore, before you cut thick bangs, be sure to find out, she will suit you or not.It is very easy - go to a store that sells wigs, and ask them to try on any wig with thick bangs.It is desirable that the wig hair color matches the color of your hair - then you will determine for sure whether you thick bangs or not suitable.

# 2

If it is difficult to decide for themselves, then ask the seller opinion.If you have curly hair, it is advisable not to make thick bangs - it will constantly scroll and confused.From the outside it looks very messy and ugly.If you have straight hair on the nature and thick bangs you are, then why not do it?How to cut thick bangs?The easiest way - is to go to the hairdresser.

# 3

Barber will determine how thick your bangs should be and how it s

hould be cut - "triangle" or ordinary bang, from the middle of the head or maybe a little more closely.If you podstrizhete bang at the hairdresser, then you will not have problems with any hairstyle, no nerves.If for some reason you can not go to the hairdresser, you can try to cut their own bangs.To start, you need to be separated from a strand of hair from which will do a bang.

# 4

To do this, find a natural parting (passes in the middle of the head) and on each side of the parting of the Division for equal number of hair until you get a lock of the size you want.Moisten the strand using a spray bottle, then start cutting.To cut a little better provide designated, as necessary and even trim.How to make a thick bangs right length?When you mow, leave a small "reserve" because when the fringe is dry, it "jump up" and become shorter.

# 5

If the fringe is dry and will be longer than you want, then trim the it to the desired length.Bangs can be profiled with special thinning shears.So bangs will become thicker and bulkier look.If you already have bangs, and you need it just trim or shorten, repeat the same procedure: moisten it with a spray bottle, small strands shorten.The main thing - to do everything carefully and deliberately, and then you will succeed.